Charting the Future of Development: A Tale of Two Agendas Constitutions Institutions and Nation Building

Editor’s note: this post is the winning entry for the OxHRH Summer Short Essay Competition 2014.   For its sheer scale, poverty is the greatest systemic human rights violation of our time. Roughly 1.2 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day, the internationally accepted (though absurdly low) threshold defining extreme poverty. Double that number […]


Judicial Experimentation and Public Policy: A New Approach to the Right to Education in Brazil Socio-Economic Rights and Labour Rights

Should judges interfere with the enforcement of public policies implemented by the executive? If yes, what would the best way to do so? In December 2013, the Court of Appeal of the State of São Paulo, in an extraordinary decision, ruled that the city of São Paulo should provide at least 150,000 new spots in […]


Hämäläinen v Finland: The Transgender Divorce Requirement in Strasbourg Relationship Rights

In the landmark 2002 decision, Goodwin v United Kingdom, the European Court of Human Rights (“ECtHR”), citing an “unmistakable trend” among Council of Europe member states, established a general right for post-operative transgender persons (termed “transsexuals” in the judgment) to access legal gender recognition. In the absence of “concrete or substantial hardship or detriment to […]


A Visit to the ‘Virtual World’ of Human Rights Media Privacy and Communications

How can online collaboration be used to enhance the understanding and protection of human rights law around the world?  What are some of the challenges involved in forging human rights networks in a virtual space?  What opportunities do ‘new media’ offer academics, researchers and policy makers seeking to transcend traditional geographical and linguistic barriers? How can […]

Pro Bono

Another Successful Year for OLA OLA

Oxford Legal Assistance (OLA) has continued to flourish this year and continues to attract consistently high levels of interest from undergraduate law students, as in previous years. OLA has operated three pro bono projects this year, working in partnership with  a local law firm, Turpin and Miller LLP, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Bail […]


OxHRH Seminar Series: Summer Hiatus

The Oxford Human Rights Hub Seminar Series is on summer hiatus and will be recommencing in October 2014.   In the meantime, please take a look at audio and photo coverage of this year’s expert speakers:   22nd November 2013 “Measuring Restrictions on Freedom of Religion or Belief” (photos) Dr Brian J. Grim, Senior Researcher and […]