López Soto v Venezuela: The Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ answer to violence against women

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ (IACtHR) feminist answer to torture and sexual enslavement in its September 2018 López Soto v Venezuela judgment is unprecedented. López Soto is the first femicide case before the Court, in which the victim could testify to the circumstances of her captivity and abuse. In 2001, Linda López Soto was abducted […]


Brazil’s top court uses anti-racism legislation to make discrimination against LGBT people a criminal offence

On 13th June 2019, Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court (STF), by a majority of 8 to 3, recognized discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity as a type of ‘social racism’, thus making it a criminal offense under Brazilian hate crime law (Law 7716 of 1989). So far, Brazilian hate crime law covered […]

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The ‘Unaffordable’ Pro-life Abortion Policy in Kenya

The narrow basis for the procurement of abortions in Kenya discriminates against women and girls based on their sex and gender. The most adversely affected are poor women and girls living in rural and informal settlements. These women must rely on unsafe back street abortions that pose a risk to their lives. One such woman […]

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**New** U of OxHRH J-Abortion, Reproductive Justice and the Possibilities of Reproductive Justice in South African Courts

Catherine Albertyn, ‘Abortion, Reproductive Rights and the Possibilities of Reproductive Justice in South African Courts’ (2019) U of OxHRH J 88 Abstract Women’s ability to control their reproductive destiny and choose to terminate unwanted and unsupported pregnancies is a core measure of their substantive freedom and equality. Arguing for a substantive recognition of reproductive autonomy […]


Fostering a Human Rights Community: OxHRH Graduate Student Workshop

On Wednesday 29 May 2019, the OxHRH held its fifth workshop for MPhil and DPhil students at Oxford University working in the human rights field. Each student presented their work and received tailored feedback from members of the Law Faculty. Professor Fredman, Director of the OxHRH, opened the workshop advocating the importance of coming together as a […]


The 2019 Guiding Principles on the Right to Education: The Drafters’ Perspective

The Oxford Human Rights Hub in partnership with the Masters in International Human Rights Law at the Department of Continuning Education, University of Oxford will be hosting a panel discussion on ‘The 2019 Guiding Principles on the Right to Education: The Drafters’ Perspective’. Date: Tuesday 30 July 2019 Time: 17:00 – 18:30pm Venue: Manor Road Building Lecture Theatre […]


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