Vulture Funds: the Real Dimension of the Controversy from a Human Rights Perspective Socio-Economic Rights and Labour Rights

While a lot of perspectives (economic, political, legal and even diplomatic) have been brought to the table regarding the possible effects of New York Judge Thomas Griesa’s verdict in the litigation between NML Capital, LTD (Plaintiff) and the Argentine Republic (Defendant), there has been no voice for a human rights perspective. After the Republic of […]


Iraq Needs Incisive Measures from the UN Security Council Conflict and Security

The current US military operations in Northern Iraq, resisting troops belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), may be evaluated as compatible with international law. However, despite this, UN Security Council measures are still needed. According to Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter and customary international law, the use of force […]

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CEDAW Issues a Historic Ruling in a Gender Violence Case Gender Based Violence

In its recent ruling on the case of Ángela González, a Spanish gender violence survivor who fought for years to protect herself and her daughter Andrea, the CEDAW Committee found the Spanish State responsible for violating the CEDAW Convention. For 20 years, Ángela was in a violent relationship with her partner, the father of her […]

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Another Successful Year for OLA OLA

Oxford Legal Assistance (OLA) has continued to flourish this year and continues to attract consistently high levels of interest from undergraduate law students, as in previous years. OLA has operated three pro bono projects this year, working in partnership with  a local law firm, Turpin and Miller LLP, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Bail […]

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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Rhodes Project Equality and Non-Discrimination

The Rhodes Project, a London-based research centre which collects data about women Rhodes Scholars, celebrated its 10th anniversary last month. As Rhodes Scholars, the Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub, Professor Sandra Fredman, and the Hub’s Editor, Laura Hilly, both attended the celebration. The day’s events included a focus group on the topic of […]


Global Perspectives on Human Rights


Recent British Court Decisions on the Death Penalty: Letting the British Government off the Noose? -Reader Jon Yorke (BCU) Criminal Justice

Recent British court decisions have considered the UK export of chemical substances used for lethal injection in the United States, the FCO blanket ban on providing financial assistance for British nationals facing the death penalty abroad, and the acquiescence of British security services in apprehending terrorist suspects in foreign jurisdictions who will face capital charges. […]