The Benefits Cap and the Enforcement of Unincorporated Human Rights Treaties Equality and Non-Discrimination

A prominent element of the UK coalition government’s deficit-reduction strategy (in rhetorical terms, if not practical significance) has been the implementation of a cap on the benefits (including those relating to children) which can be received by benefits claimants in non-working households – set, for rather transparent political motives, at a level equivalent to the […]


Je Suis Margot Wallstrom Equality and Non-Discrimination

Margot Wallstrom, the Swedish foreign minister, ignited a diplomatic war when she publicly criticized the Saudi Arabian regime.  Wallstrom, a left-wing politician who had campaigned on the promise of implementing a feminist foreign policy on behalf of Sweden, recently expressed her outrage at the Saudi subjugation of women, as well as at the regime’s punishment […]

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Free Speech Under the Indian Information Technology Act: The Supreme Court’s Recent Judgment Media Privacy and Communications

In a landmark judgment on Tuesday, the Indian Supreme Court (PDF of the decision here) struck down Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, which criminalised, inter alia, “grossly offensive”, “menacing”, “annoying” and “inconvenient” speech over the internet. In addition, it upheld Section 69A of the same Act, which authorised the blocking of websites, and the rules […]

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OPBP Submissions to the Legal Resources Centre Facilitate Public Access to Court Documents Access to Justice| OPBP

Success for OPBP and the LRC as the South African Supreme Court of Appeal delivers a resounding affirmation of the principle of open justice The unanimous decision handed down on 30 March 2015 by the South African Supreme Court of Appeal in City of Cape Town v South African National Roads Authority Limited & others […]

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Call for Papers: OxHRH Workshop for Human Rights for Oxford Graduate Research Students

The Oxford Human Rights Hub is pleased to invite all human rights research students enrolled in a research degree at the University of Oxford to its first workshop for human rights doctoral and masters students. Date: Friday June 5th, 2015 Venue: Mary Eccles Room, Pembroke College This half-day workshop will bring together and foster a network […]


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The Shifting Nature of Work and Its Implications-Justice Michael Walton (Industrial Court of New South Wales) Socio-Economic Rights and Labour Rights

Employment is a critical feature of modern society. The nature of employment determines not only the operation of the economy and economic and business prosperity but also determines the quality of individuals’ lives. In that respect, work is both an economic transaction and central to human life and dignity. Critically, it is also an important […]