South African Constitutional Court Allows Secret Ballot for Motion of No Confidence in the President

The South African Constitutional Court yesterday upheld an application by opposition political parties setting aside the refusal of the Speaker of Parliament to direct that a vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma be decided by secret ballot. The Court stopped short of ordering the Speaker to conduct a secret ballot, but gave powerful […]


The Sorry State of Education in India

Lack of education is a fundamental problem in India, and the state of the Indian government schools is a clear illustration of this. Education is a constitutional right in India, but its provision falls well below an adequate standard. This post will look at the poor state of public schools in India.  The Government of […]

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Statelessness and the Syrian Conflict

Being stateless ultimately means having no nationality and having no nationality usually means having no documents to prove your identity. People can become stateless for many reasons, two of which are conflict and forced displacement. Conflict not only impacts stateless people the most heavily in their ability to flee, it also actively contributes to the […]

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OPBP Report Supports Academic Scholarship

OPBP’s reports have had significant impact in court cases and now it is also having an impact on academic scholarship. OBPB has been cited in Brian Farrell’s new book, Habeus Corpus in International Law. OPBP prepared a report on the use of secret evidence in October 2011, in order to assist the Joint Committee on […]


Call for Papers-The Human Rights Age Journal

The Human Rights Age Journal is a scientific journal of international relevance, published in English, peer-reviewed and open-access, containing papers concerning Human Rights from different approaches. This Journal is edited in the framework of the Research Group “The Age of Rights”, composed by about one hundred researchers belonging to some of the most important human rights […]


OxHRH Seminar Series Summer Hiatus

The Oxford Human Rights Hub Seminar Series is on summer hiatus and will be recommencing in October 2017. We are looking forward to bringing together another exciting seminar series for the next academic year. During the hiatus, please do check out the audio recording from our 2016-2017 seminar series: The Historical Root of the Equality […]


Barbara Havelkova, Gender Equality in Law: Uncovering the Legacies of State Socialism (Hart, 2017)