State-sponsored virginity: South Africa’s Maidens’ Bursary Scheme Equality and Non-Discrimination

It’s clearly not yet 2016 in the UThukela District in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, where the municipality recently decided (for a second year) to institute the “Maidens’ Bursary Awards”. These bursaries fund 16 women’s tertiary studies, provided they remain ‘virgins’, which is determined by a specific and invasive test carried out twice a year. If […]


SAJAP: Facilitating Justice in Namibia Constitutions Institutions and Nation Building

Last year, we featured reflections from Claire Palmer and Rachel Clement on their experiences working as OPBP Interns at the Supreme Court of Namibia as part of the South African Judicial Assistance Project (SAJAP) programme.  This year, Michael Rhimes reflects on his experience. I had the privilege of working as a research clerk at the […]

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Bombay High Court makes Right to Clean Toilets a Fundamental Right for Women in India Equality and Non-Discrimination

Some women in India have to risk their life and sexual integrity when they decide to go to the toilet. Others who do have access to public toilets face the danger of contracting diseases. In 2014, two girls were found hanging from a tree in Katra, Sahadatganj (State of Uttar Pradesh). They had gone out […]

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OPBP Completes Report on Reparations and Remedies for Victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence Gender Based Violence| OPBP

OPBP has recently completed a Report investigating the remedies and reparations for victims of sexual and gender based violence. The Report engages in a comparative study of nine jurisdictions by probing three broad questions: the forms of remedies and reparations awarded by judicial or non-judicial bodies, the formulation of these awards by the relevant bodies, […]


Legal Researcher Needed: Modern Slavery and Fast Fashion

Modern slavery and fast fashion Needed: Legal researcher and writer for project on eliminating slave labour in the retail garment sector. Jessica Simor (Matrix) is looking for someone to take a lead role in researching and writing the first draft of a chapter of an important report on global labour standards in the retail garment […]


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The Business and Human Rights debate : Lessons from the Bodo Community v Shell Litigation in the United Kingdom-Dan Leader (Leigh Day) Business & Resources & Environment & Development

Dan Leader is a barrister and Partner at Leigh Day with over 15 years litigation experience.  Leigh Day’s international department specialises in ground-breaking international human rights and environmental litigation with a particular focus on group actions by claimants from the developing world.   In the field of business and human rights, Leigh Day has successfully brought […]