The Rule of Law in Poland and the European Arrest Warrant: A Blessing in Disguise?

On 25 July 2018 the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) ruled in Minister for Justice and Equality v LM that a judicial authority called upon to execute a European arrest warrant (“EAW”) must refrain from giving effect to it if it considers that there is a real risk […]


LGBTQ+ and Women’s Rights under attack: Romania to hold referendum for “the traditional family”

The Romanian Senate and the Constitutional Court gave the green light to a referendum on “the traditional family”. The referendum should take place on October 7, 2018. If it passes, the Romanian Constitution will define family as being based on the marriage between a man and a woman. This constitutional amendment is meant to limit […]

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Israel’s ‘Nation-State Bill’: a divergence from international law?

Palestinians in the Occupied Territories have long faced a humanitarian crisis because of expansionist Israeli policy. More recent victims, however, are the Druze minority, who form part of the country’s 20.9% Arab population. In 1957, the government designated them as a separate ethnic group at the request of its communal leaders. In July, Israel’s legislative body enacted […]

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**New** U of OxHRH J Article: Early Childhood Education and Care for Informal Workers

Elizabeth Hill, ‘Early Childhood Education and Care for Informal Workers: An Emancipatory Framework for Better Working Futures’ (2018) U of OxHRH J 16 Abstract Women workers in emerging economies are concentrated in informal employment where work tends to be insecure, poorly remunerated and unprotected by labour law. Vulnerability to informal employment and associated economic insecurity […]


Call for Papers-Cities in Federal Theory Workshop

20 – 21 JUNE 2019 MELBOURNE LAW SCHOOL  Cities, especially metropolitan cities and megacities, are unique socio-economic spaces where there is constant need to reconcile diversity and social cohesion through legal tools. Academic scholarship has extensively studied cities from different perspectives (anthropology, sociology, etc), while in federalism studies a voluminous literature exists on local governance. […]


Challenging Fundamentalisms? Ideology, Public Policy, Law and Gender Equality

CALL FOR PAPERS Challenging Fundamentalisms? Ideology, Public Policy, Law and Gender Equality 21 and 22 February 2019 Location: Kingston, Jamaica   Challenging Fundamentalisms? Ideology, Public Policy, Law and Gender Equality, an international conference, is hosted by the Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica; Getulio Vargas Foundation School of Law, Sao […]


Sandra Fredman, ‘Gender Equality and the ECHR’ in Niamh Reilly (eds), International Human Rights of Women (Springer, 2018)