Levenstein: A Case to End Prescription of All Sexual Offences in South Africa

Widely considered the most progressive constitution in the world, the South African Constitution contains an inclusive and wide reaching Bill of Rights. Amongst these rights, the Bill guarantees every citizen the right to dignity, equality, protection of children, freedom from violence, access to courts, and a fair trial. However, South African law also enforces prescription […]


The Continuity of the Headscarf Controversy: From Politics to Fashion

This post highlights some difficulties raised by the 2017 rulings on headscarves at work by the European Court of Justice (CJEU), in the Achbita and Bougnaoui cases that arose in Belgium and France, respectively. In the absence of a single fixed meaning of the headscarf, the recent CJEU rulings are problematic. Ever since the controversial […]

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Tigere: Strategic Litigation for the Rights of Young People in the UK

The case of R (Tigere) v Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills [2015 UKSC 57] was heard in the UK Supreme Court in June 2015. A new report by Dr Lisa Vanhala of University College London, Case Study of Just for Kids Law Strategic Intervention in the UK Supreme Court, finds Tigere to […]

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New OPBP Committee

Rishika Sahgal (Chair) Rishika is a candidate for the MPhil in Law at Magdalen College. She came to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar from India and completed her BCL with distinction. Prior to the BCL, Rishika clerked with the Chief Justice of India. She obtained her undergraduate degree in law from National Law University Delhi, […]


Friday in Focus: Ndjodi Ndeunyema

I am transitioning into the DPhil Law, as a Daube Law Scholar, from the MPhil, which I am awaiting to defend. My academic research locates itself in the context of Namibia and looks at the enforceability (or otherwise) of social and economic rights under Namibian law. I argue for an African values-based premise to assert […]


Learning Lessons from Litigators: Module 3-Remedial Enforcement

In the first two modules of this series we considered the fundamental questions that need to be considered when making strategic use of the courts to enforce the right to education. We evaluated the risks and benefits of litigation as one of several avenues for holding the government and private providers of education to account. […]


James Rooney ‘Class actions and public interest standing in South Africa: practical and participatory perspectives’ (2017) South African J of Hmn Rts