The Violence Must Stop – Abuse of Police Power in Hong Kong’s Democracy Protests Constitutions Institutions and Nation Building

In ruling out genuine choice in all future Chief Executive elections in Hong Kong, the Government has done violence to democracy. Now, the Government is doing violence to peaceful protesters in dispersing them. In defiance of the undemocratic decision by Beijing on 31 August, pan-democrats have vowed to launch the Occupy Central with Love and […]


Is An Obsession With Foreign Investment Eroding Democracy in Papua New Guinea? Constitutions Institutions and Nation Building

Often described as “an island of gold floating on a sea of oil”, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the top ten resource-dependent economies in the world. But robust economic growth rates have not led to any decrease in PNG’s poverty rate over the last 20 years. Although the benefits of economic growth are […]

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Public Consultation on the Overhaul of Hong Kong Anti-Discrimination Laws Equality and Non-Discrimination

On 7 October 2014, the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission (“EOC”) will conclude its inaugural review of the anti-discrimination legislation (the “Consultation”) in the Special Administrative Region of China (the “SAR”).  The Consultation represents an ambitious project to align domestic laws with Hong Kong’s constitutional guarantees of equality and obligations under international covenants and with […]

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Executive Powers of the President under the Sierra Leonean Constitution Constitutions Institutions and Nation Building| OPBP

Executive Powers of the President under the Sierra Leonean Constitution: Report to the Sierra Leone Constitutional Review Committee concerning Executive Appointments and Commissions (September 2014) This Report was prepared for the United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with the Department for International Development (UK) and the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) for Sierra Leone. The report […]

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Why are so Many Students Dumfounded by the Question: “What’s Wrong with Human Rights?” Constitutions Institutions and Nation Building

I often find that one of the best questions to ask prospective trainee barristers is: “what’s wrong with human rights?”  It’s a question that leaves some dumbfounded as the interview room fills with a silence permeated with the interviewee’s sense of being asked a question to which there cannot possibly be an answer.  Others address […]


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Recent British Court Decisions on the Death Penalty: Letting the British Government off the Noose? -Reader Jon Yorke (BCU) Criminal Justice

Recent British court decisions have considered the UK export of chemical substances used for lethal injection in the United States, the FCO blanket ban on providing financial assistance for British nationals facing the death penalty abroad, and the acquiescence of British security services in apprehending terrorist suspects in foreign jurisdictions who will face capital charges. […]