Clinical Legal Education as an Access to Justice Innovation Access to Justice

Imagine you got grant funding to develop an access to justice research agenda. Your grant application proposes the appointment of a team of law graduates to conduct research within a particular advice organisation: to talk to all the clients who come for advice; to understand why, when and how clients seek legal help; to see the […]


Searching for the “T” in LGBT Advocacy Equality and Non-Discrimination

On August 30, 2014, the prominent UK lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) rights group, Stonewall, held a workshop with representatives from Britain’s transgender community to consider whether that organization could, and should, incorporate gender identity advocacy within its current body of work. For many people, the fact that Stonewall does not already address transgender concerns […]

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Civil Society Wants its Voice Heard in Post-2015 Development Constitutions Institutions and Nation Building

During the last week of August the UN headquarters in New York was effectively taken over by civil society. Over 4000 participants from non-governmental organisations around the world gathered for a three-day conference aiming to ensure that all voices are heard in the Post-2015 development process. The conference participants laid out a critical view of […]

Pro Bono

Another Successful Year for OLA OLA

Oxford Legal Assistance (OLA) has continued to flourish this year and continues to attract consistently high levels of interest from undergraduate law students, as in previous years. OLA has operated three pro bono projects this year, working in partnership with  a local law firm, Turpin and Miller LLP, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Bail […]

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New Publication: ‘The Syria crisis, displacement and protection’ Migration Asylum and Trafficking

Our colleagues at the Refugee Studies Centre have just released a new publication - Forced Migration Review issue 47 on ‘The Syria crisis, displacement and protection’ is now online at The 6.45 million displaced people inside Syria make this the largest IDP crisis in the world, with possibly also the largest number of people […]


Global Perspectives on Human Rights


Recent British Court Decisions on the Death Penalty: Letting the British Government off the Noose? -Reader Jon Yorke (BCU) Criminal Justice

Recent British court decisions have considered the UK export of chemical substances used for lethal injection in the United States, the FCO blanket ban on providing financial assistance for British nationals facing the death penalty abroad, and the acquiescence of British security services in apprehending terrorist suspects in foreign jurisdictions who will face capital charges. […]