The Justiciability of the Right to Education in the post – 2015 Development Agenda

admin - 26th May 2015

CLPR in collaboration with the Legal Resources Centre, South Africa is organised a two day conference on ‘The Justiciability of the Right to Education in the post – 2015 Development Agenda’ on Monday 25th May 2015 and Tuesday 26th May 2015 at Centre for Law and Policy Research,  Bengaluru, India.

This conference was a platform to share and explore litigation strategies for enforcing the right to education in different jurisdictions, and was also an opportunity to examine the role of litigation in the wider post – 2015 development agenda. It served to facilitate the collaboration of organisations from across the globe, with a view to ensuring the right to education is prioritized and placed at the forefront of the global agenda.

The conference began with a Keynote address by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education: Dr Kishore Singh, and in its other sessions had eminent academics and litigators who have been working on the right to education from the UK, South Africa, Brazil and India. 

Professor Sandra Fredman, Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub presented at the conference on the Right to Education, drawing on materials presented in this online webinar conducted by the Oxford Human Rights Hub in January 2015.



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