Democratic Dialogue and the Constitution-Alison Young (Oxford)

admin - 1st May 2017

In partnership with The Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government, the OxHRH has organised a panel discussion of Professor Alison Young’s new book, “Democratic Dialogue and the Constitution”. The book will be discussed by Paul Craig (Oxford), Michael Gordon (Liverpool) and Hayley Hooper (Cambridge), with response to follow from Alison Young.


Democratic Dialogue and Constitution, Young:

  • Provides a novel and complete normative account of democratic dialogue across a range of constitutional systems.
  • Examines the emerging dialogue between domestic courts and the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights
  • Gives a complete account of the relationship between the Human Rights Act 1998 and newly emerging protections of human rights through European Union law, as well as the re-emergence of the protection of human rights through the common law
  • Analyses democratic dialogue in light of the proposed British Bill of Rights and Brexit

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