How to contribute

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Oxford Human Rights Hub blog!

This blog aims to promote dialogue between human rights researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from around the world. We welcome original contributions on recent human rights law developments across the globe, including case law, current litigation, legislation, policy-making and activism.

Contributions can include, but are not limited to:

  • News and updates: descriptive pieces on recent human rights legal developments;
  • Opinion pieces: expressing your views on recent developments;
  • Themed posts: occasionally the editorial team will invite submissions on particular human rights themes.

Contributions should be accessible to readers from outside your country and, wherever possible, should connect local issues to global concerns.

Who can contribute?

All Oxford Human Rights Hub (OxHRH) participants can contribute to the blog. For information on how to become a participant visit our website or email

How to contribute

To make a contribution, please follow this quick and easy procedure:

  1. Email the editorial team at with a draft title and brief (1-3 line) description of your intended post. Draft posts are also welcome. A member of the editorial team will then be in contact to discuss your post and to schedule a date for publication on the website;
  2. Submit your post in Word format 5-7 days before the scheduled posting date;
  3. A member of the editorial team will then review your post and will provide you with comments and suggested edits;
  4. Once your post is ready, we will then publish it on the website and promote the post via our social media networks.

Guidelines for contributions

  • Posts should be around 500 words in length, although we will also accept longer posts in special cases;
  • Please include hyperlinks to relevant sources and background information rather than using footnotes;
  • Posts should be clear and concise, leaving out excessive jargon and verbiage;
  • Please write with a global audience in mind, providing relevant background information to make your post accessible to readers from outside your country;
  • All posts must be written in English. We are also able to publish a version of your post in Spanish or French if you provide us with a translation.
  • Posts should reflect original, unpublished work.
  • Cross-posting or publication on other platforms is permissible only (i) with the permission of the Editors of the blog; and (ii) a minimum of 48 hours after the post has been published on the OxHRH blog.

Dialogue and promotion

The blog aims to stimulate dialogue and debate, so please keep an eye out for comments and enter into the discussion. To expand your readership, we also encourage you to share your post with friends and colleagues through email and social media sites.

Contributor’s Agreement

By submitting a post to the blog, the Contributor guarantee that the post is a product of their work and is unpublished. Contributors also permit the Oxford Human Rights Hub to use their post, with full attribution but without further consent, on a non-commercial basis in online and offline publications.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!

The OxHRH Editorial Team

Laura Hilly, Claire Overman, Chintan Chandrachud, Rachel Wechsler, Chris McConnachie, and Angelica De Gaetano

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