Eirik Bjorge

Dr Eirik Bjorge (MJur, DPhil) is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Bristol. His first book was called The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties (OUP 2014), and won the Gold Medal of the King of Norway. His second book was entitled Domestic Application of the ECHR: Courts as Faithful Trustees (OUP 2015). He has recently published a translation and expanded version of Bernard Stirn’s Towards a European Public Law (OUP 2017). He has also edited a volume: M Andenas & E Bjorge (eds), A Farewell to Fragmentation: Reassertion and Convergence in International Law (CUP 2015) and is currently editing a second one, with Dr Cameron Miles, entitled Landmark Cases in Public International Law (Hart Bloomsbury 2017).

Eirik has published peer reviewed articles on on the relationship between public law, human rights, and public international law, in e.g. Public Law, the Law Quarterly Review, the Cambridge Law Journal, the British Yearbook of International Law, and the International Journal of Constitutional Law (I•CON).