Australian Equality Law Reform Paper

admin - 24th January 2012

Submissions by Oxford Pro Bono Publico to the Attorney-General’s Department of Australia in response to its Discussion Paper on the consolidation of anti-discrimination laws (January 2012)

On the 22nd of September 2011, the Attorney-General’s Department of Australia launched a public discussion paper inviting community views on the proposed consolidation of Australian anti-discrimination legislation. This OPBP project responds to two of the questions posed in the AG’s discussion paper: (i) Should public sector organizations have a positive duty to eliminate discrimination and harassment and (ii) Should the consolidated Bill protect against intersectional discrimination? If so, how should this be covered? These OPBP submissions include comparative insights drawn from an examination of anti-discrimination legislation in Canada, South Africa, the European Union, the Republic of Ireland, the United States and India. You can read the full report below, or download it here You can browse all OPBP’s projects here.

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