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Vulture Funds: the Real Dimension of the Controversy from a Human Rights Perspective

Maria Laura Farfan and Tomas Rubio 1st September 2014

While a lot of perspectives (economic, political, legal and even diplomatic) have been brought to the table regarding the possible effects of New York Judge Thomas Griesa’s verdict in the litigation between NML Capital, LTD (Plaintiff) and the Argentine Republic (Defendant), there has been no voice for a human rights perspective. After the Republic of […]

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Iraq Needs Incisive Measures from the UN Security Council

Michele Porcelluzzi 30th August 2014

The current US military operations in Northern Iraq, resisting troops belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), may be evaluated as compatible with international law. However, despite this, UN Security Council measures are still needed. According to Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter and customary international law, the use of force […]

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CEDAW Issues a Historic Ruling in a Gender Violence Case

Gema Fernandez Rodriguez de Lievana 28th August 2014

In its recent ruling on the case of Ángela González, a Spanish gender violence survivor who fought for years to protect herself and her daughter Andrea, the CEDAW Committee found the Spanish State responsible for violating the CEDAW Convention. For 20 years, Ángela was in a violent relationship with her partner, the father of her […]

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Gays: a Prohibited Class in CARICOM?

Maurice Tomlinson 27th August 2014

In the western hemisphere, only 11 Caribbean states still criminalize private consensual adult same-gender intimacy.  Among these countries, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago also ban the entry of homosexuals.  In a pending case before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), in which I am the applicant, AIDS-Free World (AFW) initially asked the Jamaican government to […]

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A Guide to the Perpetuation of Human Rights Violations: Police Violence and Impunity in Brazil

Eloísa Machado de Almeida 26th August 2014

Police violence in Brazil is endemic. It frequently occurs at the time of arrest and during the collection of evidence, and is embedded in the daily practice of the police institution. Police violence also results in an alarming number of extrajudicial killings—in the State of Rio de Janeiro alone, 3029 people were killed by the […]

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