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After Recognition of Genocide – How to Proceed?

Ewelina U. Ochab 20th April 2017

On 20 April 2016, the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion recognising the atrocities committed against Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities by Daesh to be genocide. In addition to recognising the genocide, the motion also called upon the Government to take steps to ‘make an immediate referral to the UN Security […]

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The ebbing of minority rights in Southeast Europe – the identity crisis of Montenegrin and Croatian minorities in Kosovo

Dzemal Calakovic 19th April 2017

The post-conflict southeastern part of Europe demands a more vigorous respect for minority rights, in order to preserve the fragile peace and guard against the horrors of the recent wars in the Balkans. Kosovo has a diverse demographic composition; mainly consisting of Albanians and Serbs who represent the two largest ethnic groups. According to the […]

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Likuwa v City of Windhoek: Namibian Court Misses an Opportunity to Develop Land Occupation Laws

Ndjodi Ndeunyema 17th April 2017

Namibia’s history is one tainted by grotesque land evictions en masse and natives suffering dispossession at the hands of settler colonialists and apartheid-inspired forced evictions. This legacy subsists today, with land and housing provision being the most emotive of Namibia’s socio-political debates, featuring prominently in the recent State of the Nation Address. The issue has […]

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Deciphering The Reality Of The Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Bill 2016

Devershi Mishra and Komal Khare 14th April 2017

In a country where a significant percentage of the population identifies as being a transgender, the rights and protections accorded to the transgender community in India are deploringly inadequate. Discrimination against transgender people is systemic and deeply entrenched. In 2015 the Upper House of the Parliament passed The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, on which […]

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