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“It’s time for women to break the glass ceiling” FM Nicola Sturgeon Places Women and Violence at the Heart of Human Rights and Scottish Legislation

Janine Ewen 1st April 2015

On Thursday the 26th of March, a conference organised by Scottish Women’s Aid took place at the George Hotel in Edinburgh. The theme and named heading of the day was, ‘Violence Against Women (VAW): a Human Rights Violation’. Informal and formal agencies gathered to learn on the progress in combatting women and violence from an […]

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The Benefits Cap and the Enforcement of Unincorporated Human Rights Treaties

Paul Scott 31st March 2015

A prominent element of the UK coalition government’s deficit-reduction strategy (in rhetorical terms, if not practical significance) has been the implementation of a cap on the benefits (including those relating to children) which can be received by benefits claimants in non-working households – set, for rather transparent political motives, at a level equivalent to the […]

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Je Suis Margot Wallstrom

Melina Padron 30th March 2015

Margot Wallstrom, the Swedish foreign minister, ignited a diplomatic war when she publicly criticized the Saudi Arabian regime.  Wallstrom, a left-wing politician who had campaigned on the promise of implementing a feminist foreign policy on behalf of Sweden, recently expressed her outrage at the Saudi subjugation of women, as well as at the regime’s punishment […]

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Free Speech Under the Indian Information Technology Act: The Supreme Court’s Recent Judgment

Gautam Bhatia 27th March 2015

In a landmark judgment on Tuesday, the Indian Supreme Court (PDF of the decision here) struck down Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, which criminalised, inter alia, “grossly offensive”, “menacing”, “annoying” and “inconvenient” speech over the internet. In addition, it upheld Section 69A of the same Act, which authorised the blocking of websites, and the rules […]

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