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International Law Violations Underpin Tragedy in Gaza  

Ammy Singh 28th May 2018

The death of 60 Palestinians under Israeli fire at the Israel-Gaza border fence on May 14 has sent palpable shockwaves through the international community. It is the greatest loss of life on a single day in Gaza since the 2014 Gaza War, and has cast renewed international attention on the legality of Israel’s resort to […]

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Addressing Gender Violence: The Urgent Need for Introspection by the ICC

Chandni Ghatak 13th February 2018

The International Criminal Court (ICC) will celebrate its twentieth anniversary in 2018. While this torchbearer of hope has done much good, it has not quite fully achieved in addressing crimes involving ‘conflict related sexual violence’. Crimes such as rape, forced sterilisation etc; are already recognised as crimes against humanity by Article 7 of the Rome Statute. […]

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Retroactively Legalizing Illegal Settlements: What’s the ‘Greater Jerusalem’ Bill?

Loureen Sayej 10th January 2018

With Israeli settlement expansion continuing unabated in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Israeli Knesset’s ministerial committee was scheduled to approve a bill referred to as the “Greater Jerusalem Bill.” The Bill represents a legislative effort by the Knesset to institutionalize the settlement enterprise and to ensure a “Jewish majority” in the city. After […]

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President Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem: A Legal Analysis

Loureen Sayej 11th December 2017

In a proclamation signed on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump unilaterally  recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, departing from the policy of successive US administrations which recognized the status of Jerusalem as that of an occupied territory. Trump’s declaration was followed by international recriminations. The status of Jerusalem is a matter of high contention. While Israel […]

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Al-Bashir in Uganda: Head of State Immunity and the Rome Statute

Daniel Grütters 6th December 2017

Last month the High Court in Kampala declined to issue a provisional arrest warrant for visiting President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. The decision followed an application by the Uganda Victims’ Foundation (UVF), a coalition of human rights groups, while President Bashir was in Uganda. UVF argued that as a State Party to the Rome Statute […]

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