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Donald Trump is President: What are the Implications for the Death Penalty?

Alice Storey 21st January 2017

Prior to the election of Donald Trump, death penalty abolitionists were quietly confident that capital punishment was nearing its inevitable end in the United States. The number of executions has been falling year-on-year; in 2015 the US executed 28 people, a relatively low number when compared with the 60 executions which took place in 2005. […]

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Al Mahdi convicted of crimes against culture

Elizabeth King 2nd December 2016

In the first case to prosecute crimes against culture as war crimes, the Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) found Mr Al Mahdi — a member of Ansar Dine — guilty of the war crime of intentionally directing attacks against religious and historic buildings in Timbuktu in 2012. This case represents the recognition […]

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Ending the Perverse Culture of Mob Justice in Nigeria

Tosin Osasona 24th October 2016

The failure of Nigerian criminal justice institutions and agencies to prevent mob justice or punish those who engage in it, has lent an air of acceptability to the vile practice. Although there is no mob justice victim or incidence database; or a systematic information gathering system on the theme, there is regular media reporting of cases […]

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Crimes Against Culture

Elizabeth King 28th September 2016

A landmark case for international law is currently before the International Criminal Court (ICC), where the destruction of cultural heritage in Timbuktu is being tried as a war crime under the Rome Statute for the first time. The judgment could significantly broaden the scope for prosecutors to investigate and punish acts detrimental to humanity around the […]

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