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First Criminal Conviction under Belgium’s Anti-Sexism Act

Elise Maes 15th March 2018

A man who made sexist remarks to a female police officer was sentenced to pay a €3,000 fine and became the first person to be convicted under Belgium’s 2014 Anti-Sexism Act. While the Anti-Sexism Act is vague in certain respects, it serves an important symbolic function. Acknowledging the gendered component in certain types of abuse […]

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The Supreme Court of Canada Expands the Scope of Employment Discrimination

Joana Thackeray 14th March 2018

In December 2017 the Supreme Court of Canada released an important decision regarding the scope of discrimination “regarding employment” under provincial human rights legislation, in British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal v. Schrenk. The issue before the Court was whether protection from discrimination “regarding employment” under the British Columbia Human Rights Code extends to discrimination perpetrated by […]

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Proposal to make ‘disadvantaged socio-economic status’ a prohibited ground of discrimination under Irish law    

Jamie McLoughlin 13th March 2018

The Equality (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2017, was introduced in the lower house of the Irish Parliament at the end of last year and is currently working its way through the legislative process. The Bill proposes to amend existing equality and anti-discrimination legislation by inserting ‘disadvantaged socio-economic status’ as an additional ground upon which discrimination is […]

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Women’s Suffrage in Germany

Maja Beisenherz 12th March 2018

Given the political and constitutional history of the 18th and 19th centuries, universal suffrage and free and fair elections are a hard won freedom in Germany. Currently, Article 38 of the Basic Law of 1949 (Grundgesetz) states that ‘Members of the German Bundestag shall be elected in general, direct, free, equal and secret elections. They shall […]

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Transforming Women’s Lives Through Education

Meghan Campbell 8th March 2018

The virtues of education are uncontested. It is a multiplier right, it creates an empowered workforce and citizens, and perhaps most important, it leads to personal development and fulfilment. The Millennium Development Goals proudly proclaim that the world has achieved parity between boys and girls in primary education. This statement hides a multitude of problems […]

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