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The Continuity of the Headscarf Controversy: From Politics to Fashion

Farrah Raza 17th December 2017

This post highlights some difficulties raised by the 2017 rulings on headscarves at work by the European Court of Justice (CJEU), in the Achbita and Bougnaoui cases that arose in Belgium and France, respectively. In the absence of a single fixed meaning of the headscarf, the recent CJEU rulings are problematic. Ever since the controversial […]

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De Groen v Gan Menaschem Hendon: Dismissal from Religious Schools

John Bowers QC 15th December 2017

To what extent can an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school go to protect its belief system and values? This was the subject of a fascinating employment tribunal sitting in Watford which gave judgment last month. In De Groen v Gan Menaschem Hendon Ltd  the claimant taught at a private nursery school as a team leader. The nursery […]

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Same-Sex Marriage in Australia: A Bittersweet Victory

Jennifer Tridgell 8th December 2017

In a giant step forward for LGBTIQ rights, same-sex marriage (SSM) in Australia was legalised on 7 December 2017. This result was uplifting, but also bittersweet. The Australian Government could have legalised SSM quickly and painlessly months ago. Instead, it forged ahead with a controversial postal survey, which divided a nation and damaged the LGBTIQ community. […]

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A Step in the Right Direction for Minority Gender Recognition in Germany

Max Camphausen 4th December 2017

In its decision from October 10 2017, published on November 8 – just on the Intersex Day of Solidarity – the German Constitutional Court (BVerfG) has ruled that certain provisions in the ‘law of personal state’ (“Personenstandsgesetz”) violated the rights of intersex people and were therefore unconstitutional. The provisions in question required the sex of […]

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