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Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return in International Law

Loureen Sayej 14th May 2018

On this 70th commemoration of the Nakba (catastrophe), Palestinian refugees and their descendants still constitute one of the largest and longest-standing unresolved refugee crises in the world, with 7.54 million refugees in addition to 720,000 internally displaced persons.  Nearly  5.3 million refugees are registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees […]

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Valuing Dignity of the Windrush Generation

Tenesha Myrie 11th May 2018

In listening to the experiences of the Windrush generation and their treatment by the UK Home Office, what stands out to many of us in the Commonwealth Caribbean is the indignity suffered by the persons affected. Upon the invitation of the UK government, they emigrated from the Caribbean to the UK between the late 1940s […]

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Anudo v Tanzania: The African Court Recognises the Right to Nationality under Customary International Law

Ndjodi Ndeunyema 19th April 2018

During the recently concluded 48th Ordinary Session, the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights delivered a unanimous decision of significance to the African continent and beyond by determining that the right to nationality exists under customary international law. In an Application brought by Mr Anudo Ochieng Anudo against Tanzania, Mr Anudo claimed, amongst other […]

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Moving towards the recognition and protection of climate change refugees under international human rights law

Patruni Srilakshmi 9th April 2018

The recent hurricanes that hit the coast of the Caribbean have renewed the fears of a global climate refugee crisis. However, there is a lack of clarity on who exactly constitutes a climate refugee and what human rights protections they are entitled to. The UNHRC has stated that almost 36 million people have been displaced by […]

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Australia’s Legal Responsibility for the Refugees and Asylum Seekers it has left Languishing in Offshore Detention

Emilie McDonnell 15th March 2018

With Australia’s recent election to the UN Human Rights Council, it is important that the international community supports and advocates for those Australia has left languishing in offshore detention. Approximately 336 asylum seekers remain detained on Nauru, including 36 children, and 801 in transition centres on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG) under Australia’s harsh […]

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