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Triple Talaq and Women’s Rights in the Indian Supreme Court

Bhagirath Ashiya 13th October 2017

The Indian Supreme Court’s multi-religious Constitutional bench, in its much anticipated majority decision in the Shayara Bano case, has ruled the practice of triple talaq to be unconstitutional. The practice of triple talaq allows a Muslim man to divorce his wife instantaneously by pronouncing the word ‘talaq’ three times. This resulted in numerous social media […]

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The Case For Recognition Of Muslim Marriages In South Africa

Shreya Munoth 12th October 2017

The South African Constitution guarantees all of its citizens the right to equality, dignity, freedom of religion and belief as well as the right to protection against arbitrary deprivation of property. Surprisingly, however, despite these guarantees, Muslim marriages, i.e. monogamous and polygamous marriages that are conducted in accordance with Islamic rites/the Shari’ah, are not legally […]

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Niqabs in Strasbourg, Again: Part 2

Stéphanie Hennette Vauchez 27th September 2017

In a blog post yesterday, I considered the impact which the recent decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in Dakir v. Belgium and Belcacemi and Oussar v. Belgium might have on the Court’s conception of “living together”. Today, I will consider the concerns these judgments raise for the Court’s jurisprudence on indirect discrimination […]

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Niqabs in Strasbourg, Again: Part 1

Stéphanie Hennette Vauchez 26th September 2017

Burqa bans seem to be in fashion, not only in the 5-odd countries that have chosen this policy line, not only at the European People’s Party within the European Parliament, but at the European Court of Human Rights as well. Only three years after its Grand Chamber ruling upholding the French legislative ban of 2010 […]

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Islam and Human Rights: A Critical Intersection

Max Regus 30th August 2017

Global politics is increasingly concerned with the relationship between religion and human rights. Human rights violations of certain religious minorities in some countries indicate this trend and represent a critical intersection between Islam and human rights. In this context, it is argued that it is important to work towards achieving a mutual understanding between religion (in […]

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