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Human Rights, the Environment and Mining: Holding Transnational Corporations Accountable

Claudia Müller-Hoff 19th May 2017

Litigation that tests the division between corporate and state human rights obligations, and the synergies between environmental and human rights law, is currently underway in Peru. The Tintaya-Antapaccay mine in Espinar, Peru, owned by Glencore PLC, has produced copper for several decades and the contamination of the local environment which results is notorious: residents drink […]

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Kiobel v. Cravath: An Example of How a Little-Known U.S. Law can be Used as a Pre-Litigation Tool Overseas

Upasana Khatri 22nd February 2017

When Esther Kiobel—who believes Shell collaborated with Nigerian authorities to commit gross human rights abuses, including the murder of her husband—could not find justice by suing Shell in U.S courts, she decided to sue the Dutch oil giant in the Netherlands. In support of the Dutch action, EarthRights International (ERI) helped Ms. Kiobel and her […]

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Environmental Human Rights in the Trump Era: Modes of Resistance and Reform

Nicholas Stump 23rd January 2017

The ecological ramifications of the Trump administration may well prove catastrophic. Climate change denial and problematic fossil fuel positions featured prominently in the President’s campaign; post-election, far-right nominations and policy stances have seemingly confirmed the administration’s dire trajectory. Thus, environmental human rights—i.e., normative guarantees inter alia to clean water and air—are imperiled in the U.S., […]

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Foreign Legal Assistance applications: a strategy to advance accountability for transnational human rights abuses

Tamara Morgenthau 18th January 2017

In 2014, 40 million liters of toxic mining waste spilled from the Buenavista del Cobre copper mine into the Bacanuchi and Sonora Rivers, contaminating the water source of over 25,000 people. The Buenavista del Cobre spill is considered Mexico’s worst mining disaster in recent history. Through the Sonora River Basin Committees (Comités de Cuenca Río […]

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Human Rights and the SDGs: Progress or a Missed Opportunity?

Siobhán McInerney-Lankford 6th January 2017

On 25 September 2015 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which would replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The 17 SDGs, 169 targets and 230 indicators cover poverty, health, education, water and sanitation, but also inequalities, gender, climate and institutions. While the […]

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