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Irish High Court rules Constitution protects a ‘Right to an Environment’

Jamie McLoughlin 6th March 2018

The recent 2017, Irish High Court judgment on environmental rights has been described as ‘historic’ as it declared that the Irish Constitution protects an un-enumerated personal constitutional ‘right to an environment that is consistent with the human dignity and well-being of citizens at large’ [241]. The case concerned a legal challenge brought by Friends of the […]

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“Anyone can make claims” – Is the KiK case proof of access to remedy against corporate human rights violations?

Claudia Müller-Hoff and Carolijn Terwindt 26th February 2018

There are many hurdles preventing victims of corporate rights abuses overseas from bringing claims in European courts against European companies and accessing an effective remedy. The claim against German retailer KiK is one of the few that “made it” to court. The KiK-case concerns a factory fire in 2012 in Ali Enterprises textile factory in […]

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The Banning of Ridesharing Apps Violates the Human Rights to Science and Free Speech

Esteban Russell and Leornado Orlanski 19th January 2018

Earlier on this year, a local court of Buenos Aires issued an injunction blocking the Uber app, electronic payment methods and forbidding Google and Apple to host the app on its apps stores, and Facebook to advertise Uber. The decision’s logic is as wrong as straightforward: Uber must be blocked (and banned) since its drivers “occupy […]

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Understanding Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: Collective or Individual?

Raghavi Viswanath 29th November 2017

Earlier this month, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Mexico in an attempt to build upon the commercial ties between the two nations. While Canada has championed the promotion of the human rights of indigenous peoples, it continues to be one of the biggest sources of foreign investment in mining around the world, including in […]

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