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July 4, 2018 – A New Independence Day

Mari Margil 13th August 2018

In the United States, the Fourth of July is celebrated as Independence Day. Someday history books may celebrate the Fourth of July 2018 as a new “independence day” – not for a new nation, but for a new kingdom. On that day, the High Court of Uttarakhand at Naintal, in northern India, issued a decision […]

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Legal Actions Against Mountain Valley Pipeline Underscore Grassroots Activism’s Importance

Nicholas Stump 9th August 2018

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a 303-mile U.S. interstate project currently under construction that would transport fracked natural gas from northern West Virginia through southwest Virginia. The MVP is highly controversial due to its immediate Appalachian environmental and human community impacts, in addition to its exacerbation of climate change. Numerous legal actions have therefore […]

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 Parent Company Liability for Human Rights Abuses in the UK? We Need Clarity

Dalia Palombo 24th July 2018

The liability of parent companies for the extraterritorial human rights abuses committed by their subsidiaries has increasingly become a critical topic for both corporate and human rights litigators. The absence of national and international laws comprehensively addressing this issue created a space for creative arguments for and against holding parent companies of multinational groups incorporated […]

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The Second Generation Challenges of the Right to Development (II): Is there an International Duty to Cooperate towards the Realization of the Right to Development? 

21st April 2018

In my previous post, I noted that the right to development should be rejuvenated by building on recent advances of international human rights law, which strengthened the international obligations of States — not towards their own populations, but towards populations located outside their national territory or the international community as a whole.  For the realization […]

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Recent Trends in Climate Change Litigation: Colombia’s Amazon and Juliana v U.S   

Everaldo Lamprea and Daniela García 13th April 2018

On April 4, 2018, the Colombian Supreme Court handed down an important ruling (Tutela, a rights-based injunction) on climate change. The plaintiffs in the case are twenty-five children who argued that the rapid deforestation of the Amazonian basin, which comprises 35% of Colombia’s territory, is contributing to global warming and affecting their rights, as well […]

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