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The Supreme Court of Canada Expands the Scope of Employment Discrimination

Joana Thackeray 14th March 2018

In December 2017 the Supreme Court of Canada released an important decision regarding the scope of discrimination “regarding employment” under provincial human rights legislation, in British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal v. Schrenk. The issue before the Court was whether protection from discrimination “regarding employment” under the British Columbia Human Rights Code extends to discrimination perpetrated by […]

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Uber and Out: Yet Another Victory for the Rights of Uber Drivers

Sandra Fredman 21st November 2017

In the UK Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) last week, Uber lost the latest case brought against it by its drivers. Across the world, a succession of lawsuits have sought to argue, usually with success, that Uber’s drivers are able to avail themselves of at least some of the protections of employment law. This is a […]

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The Dignity and Rights of Manual Scavengers in India

Swapnil Tripathi 14th October 2017

Manual scavenging has been called the worst surviving symbol of untouchability. The International Labour Organisation defines it as the removal of human excreta from public streets and dry latrines, and cleaning septic tanks, severs and gutters. The practice, though prevalent in other parts of the world, has a predominant presence in India. The people engaged […]

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The Taylor Review and the Zero-hours Contract

Mark Freedland 24th July 2017

In this note, I take a very brief look at the ‘Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices’ (‘TR’), concentrating on its main proposal regarding zero-hours contracting and using that as a focal point upon which to centre a view of this policy document as a whole.  Presented as an ‘independent review of employment practices’ led […]

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The Difficult Road Ahead: Overcoming the Stratified Home-based Care Regime in Latin America

Fernando Filgueira and Juliana Martínez Franzoni 12th July 2017

Between 1990 and 2013 female labour participation in Latin American went from being 14 percentage points below to 4 percentage points above the global average. Today, 7 of every 10 women between 25 and 44 years of age are part of the labour force. Meanwhile, hours of unpaid domestic work and care among men remained […]

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