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Government Lodges Plans to More Than Double Oxfordshire Immigration Removal Centre

Melanie Griffiths 17th November 2014

The Home Office recently submitted plans for major expansion of Campsfield House, an Immigration Removal Centre situated just outside Oxford. Local political, religious and charitable organisations are coming together to fight the proposals on the basis that indefinitely detaining people for immigration purposes is inhumane, doesn’t fulfil immigration objectives and is prohibitively expensive.  Immigration detention […]

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High Time for Europe to Offer Temporary Protection to Refugees from Syria?

Cynthia Orchard and Dawn Chatty 27th October 2014

Approximately 3 million people have fled Syria due to the armed conflict. About 96% of the refugees remain in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. By July 2014, the number of Syrian asylum applicants in Europe reached 123,600, about 4% of the total. With such high numbers of displaced persons so close to European borders, […]

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Providing Syrian Survivors of Torture Access to Rehabilitation Services

Annie Sovcik 13th October 2014

Mental health and other rehabilitation services can be key to restoring basic functioning and facilitate resilience and positive coping strategies for refugee survivors of torture. In the summer of 2012, “Ibrahim” was arrested at a security checkpoint in Damascus. For the next 20 days, he was repeatedly beaten unconscious, hung from the ceiling and kicked […]

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Second Strike and You are (Finally) Out? The Israeli Supreme Court quashes (again) the Prevention of Infiltration Law

Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler 9th October 2014

On 22 September 2014, the Israeli Supreme Court sitting as a High Court of Justice quashed in a 217-page judgment (HCJ 8425/13 Anon v. Knesset et al, full text in Hebrew) the Prevention of Infiltration Law (Amendment no. 4) (full text in Hebrew). The amendment enacted two schemes: first, section 30A, authorising the detention for […]

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