Children’s Rights, Illegitimacy and the Rule of Law in Malaysia

Kamilia Khairul Anuar - 1st September 2017

In A Child v National Registration Department, 25th July 2017, the Malaysian Court of Appeal held that a Muslim child born out of wedlock should be permitted to take on his father’s name as his surname. The appellants brought the case because they had sought to register their child with the father’s surname, only to […]

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Charlie Gard: Children’s Rights and Parent’s Responsibilities

Rachel Taylor - 11th August 2017

The tragic death of Charlie Gard brings to an end the stream of litigation that surrounded his short life. His case has provoked intense and wide-ranging debate, not least on the troubling question of how best to protect children when the grief of parents is filtered through the glare of social media. Despite the extensive […]

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Having Regard to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

John Eekelaar - 31st October 2016

The Third Report of the Joint Committee on Human Rights for the Session 2016-7 has recommended the inclusion of a clause in the Children and Social Work Bill which would oblige a public authority exercising its functions relating to safeguarding and the welfare of children to have due regard to the UN Convention on the […]

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Law of Peace(making) and the Promise of a New Beginning for Children

Sarah M. Field - 23rd October 2016

The act of peacemaking may be viewed as the promise of a new beginning. It is latent within the sui generis legal form of the self-constituting process, and the often layered human rights transformation at its substantive epicentre. In the complex and evolving legality that constitutes peacemaking, international human rights claims often have heightened performativity. […]

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Children’s Visibility in Colombia’s Peace Plebiscite Campaign: In Everyone’s Interest but Children’s

Elena Butti - 2nd October 2016

Colombia is at a critical transitional moment. Today, Colombians will be called to vote on whether they support the final peace agreement signed on September 26th between the Colombian Government and the biggest guerrilla group, the FARC-EP. The pre-plebiscite campaign has been extremely polarised. ‘No’ supporters accuse the Government of handing over the country to […]

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Promoting the Best Interests of the Child: Kenyan High Court Breathes Life into the Right to a Name and an Identity

Brian Machina - 29th September 2016

In May 2016, the Kenyan Constitutional and Human Rights Division of the High Court in L.N.W v Attorney General & others  declared an archaic section of the Country’s Births and Deaths Registration Act unconstitutional, affirming the right of every child to a name and an identity under international and Kenyan domestic law. The Petitioner was […]

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Forgotten Victims: Children of Parents Sentenced to Death or Executed

Daniel Cullen - 9th June 2016

According to recent figures from Amnesty International, at least 1,634 executions took place worldwide last year—the highest reported number in more than 25 years. Given the secrecy surrounding many cases, the true global total may be much higher. But with an overall trend towards universal abolition of the death penalty, the majority of these executions […]

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