Promoting ‘Gender Ideology’: Constitutional Court of Bulgaria Declares Istanbul Convention Unconstitutional

Ruzha Smilova - 22nd August 2018

On July 27 Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court ruled that the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (often called the “Istanbul Convention”) contravenes the Bulgarian Constitution. In early 2018, the Convention ratification bill met strong opposition from nationalist parties in government, major opposition from the Socialist party, the President of the […]

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The Sexist Intestacy Laws Governing Hindu Women In India: Grounds for a successful constitutional challenge?

Meera Manoj - 11th June 2018

The vast Hindu population of India of 95 million is subject to sexist and unconstitutional inheritance norms under the Hindu Succession Act of 1956. Several of its provisions are vulnerable to constitutional challenge under Article 15 of the Indian Constitution which prohibits discrimination on grounds of sex. The test here, is whether discrimination is solely based […]

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A Difficult Time for Women’s Autonomy in the Indian Courts

Shreya Mohapatra - 14th May 2018

The Kerala High Court judgment annulling the marriage of Hadiya, a 24-year-old homeopathy student from Kerala with a Muslim man, Shafin Jahan, and the Supreme Court of India instigating a National Investigation Agency (NIA) inquiry into the matter have already gone down in public discourse as one of the judiciary’s most problematic decisions. The courts […]

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