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Could the UK Lead the Efforts to Prevent and Prosecute Acts of Genocide?

Ewelina U. Ochab 3rd August 2017

In early July, leading researchers and scholars in the field of genocide met at the University of Queensland to ‘examine the growing crisis and revisit the two core components of the Convention: justice for acts of genocide, and prevention of future genocides.’ Almost seven decades later, the two core promises of the UN Convention on […]

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Guatemala: Building a Water Law from Below

Matthew Burnett-Stuart 1st August 2017

Guatemala, the Land of Eternal Spring, is one of the most ecologically diverse nations on the planet and is endowed with plenty of water resources. However, the uneven distribution of the population, rampant industrialization, climate change and unregulated large-scale agro-business activities have combined to negatively affect the access to water.  The Ministry of the Environment […]

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Utilising The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea To Resolve the Pacific Islands Predicament

Rudresh Mandal 31st July 2017

Island nations located in the midst of the Pacific Ocean unfortunately find themselves at the frontline in the global battle against climate change.  The survival of the Islanders and the biodiversity of Pacific island states such as Palau, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands, and so on is threatened today. If contemporary patterns of relentless industrial development […]

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A Good Day for the Rule of Law

Abigail Adams and Jeremias Prassl 26th July 2017

‘We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.’ (Magna Carta, cl XXXIX) Access to justice lies at the very core of the Rule of Law, as the Supreme Court’s decision in Unison v Lord Chancellor reminded the UK government this morning. The Justices were […]

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Le Droit, C’est Moi: Xi Jinping’s New Rule-By-Law Approach

George G. Chen 26th July 2017

China’s party-and-state leader tries to bring government officials under the reach of the legal system. But the purpose of this approach is less about ensuring compliance with the law than about ensuring the top leadership’s control over its bureaucracy. Chinese concepts of the law differ in many important aspects from those in Western democracies. In […]

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