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Les Elections Cambodgiennes 2013 : un Printemps Cambodgien en Floraison ?

Rodolphe Prom 2nd September 2013

Au Cambodge, la météo oscille entre saison sèche et saison humide, ce qui signifierait selon un haut responsable cambodgien qu’un printemps cambodgien est techniquement impossible. Pourtant, l’exercice du droit de vote lors des élections de juillet 2013 à l’Assemblée Nationale du Cambodge laisse penser que les premières fleurs d’un printemps cambodgien ont éclos. Depuis 28 […]

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HIV and Caribbean Law: Case for Tolerance

Maurice Tomlinson 29th August 2013

In the western hemisphere, the Anglophone Caribbean maintains some of the most regressive anti-gay laws in the world.  The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as well as Belize both have laws that prohibit homosexuals from even visiting.  Same-gender intimacy, regardless of consent or physical location, is criminalized with sentences ranging from life imprisonment to 10 […]

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Cambodia Elections 2013: is a Cambodian Spring blossoming?

Rodolphe Prom 27th August 2013

Cambodia’s weather oscillates between dry and wet seasons. According to a senior Cambodian official, this means that a Cambodian Spring is technically impossible. Despite this, Cambodians’ exercise of the right to vote during the July 2013 National Assembly elections suggest that a Cambodian Spring may indeed be blossoming. For 28 years, Cambodia has been ruled […]

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