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Reaching Equal Justice: An Invitation to Envision and Act (Report of the Canadian Bar Association’s Access to Justice Committee, August 2013)

Melina Buckley 5th September 2013

The year is 2030 and all people living in Canada have equal access to justice regardless of means, capacity or social situation.  The justice system takes into consideration individuals’ and groups’ different legal needs and provides timely, holistic, and personalized assistance to achieve lasting and just outcomes.  People are empowered to manage their own legal […]

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The Human Rights Restoration-Revolution

Marco Duranti 3rd September 2013

Much of the work in the now burgeoning subfield of human rights history traces the causes and consequences of the ‘human rights revolution’ on international law, foreign policy and transnational activism. Few scholars, however, have reflected on why the spectacular efflorescence of human rights movements and norms over the past century should be considered revolutionary […]

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Humanitarian Intervention? – International Law and the Non-Use of Force in Syria

Natasha Holcroft-Emmess 2nd September 2013

The UK House of Commons voted by a slim majority (13 votes) against UK involvement in direct military action in Syria. This refusal to endorse the use of force does more to protect human rights than would support for military engagement on the dubious ground of humanitarian intervention. The UK government’s official statement, published earlier […]

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Les Elections Cambodgiennes 2013 : un Printemps Cambodgien en Floraison ?

Rodolphe Prom 2nd September 2013

Au Cambodge, la météo oscille entre saison sèche et saison humide, ce qui signifierait selon un haut responsable cambodgien qu’un printemps cambodgien est techniquement impossible. Pourtant, l’exercice du droit de vote lors des élections de juillet 2013 à l’Assemblée Nationale du Cambodge laisse penser que les premières fleurs d’un printemps cambodgien ont éclos. Depuis 28 […]

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