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Is the restitution of land in the ‘public interest’?

Lee-Anne Germanos 1st August 2018

In the wake of public hearings taking place around South Africa concerning the Parliamentary motion to review and amend the compensation provisions for the lawful expropriation of land contained in section 25 of the 1996 Constitution, the legal barriers to removing such a requirement seem to have been simplified to a mere amendment of wording. […]

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A Masterpiece of Judicial Avoidance?  

Roman Friedrich 31st July 2018

Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, 584 U.S. (2018), the U.S. Supreme Court’s blockbuster case, has been decided. The questions in dispute: 1. Can a person, exercising religious beliefs, claim an exemption from anti-discrimination laws? 2. Can a person be forced to engage in speech that goes against this person’s religious belief? These […]

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