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The White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill: Part II – Bad News

Alison Young 11th April 2017

In a previous post, I argued that there was some good news to take from the White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill. However, there are two main elements of the White Paper which give cause for concern. This post will examine the first concern. There is insufficient detail in the White Paper as to […]

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The White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill: Part I – Good News

Alison Young 10th April 2017

On Thursday 30 March, David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, gave a statement in the House of Commons announcing the publication of a White Paper on the proposed ‘Great Repeal Bill’. As is now well-known, the Bill would appear to have three objectives: (i) to repeal the European Communities Act […]

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Essop v Home Office: Proving Indirect Discrimination

Tom Lowenthal 6th April 2017

Yesterday, the UK Supreme Court gave a much-anticipated judgment in the case of Essop v Home Office, concerning the prohibition of indirect discrimination in the employment context. In an area of law beset by confusion, this case is exemplary in the clear and comprehensible way it deals with the issues, and for its sensitive and […]

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Re-victimizing Victims of Sexual Assault: UK Child Benefit Laws

Meghan Campbell 6th April 2017

In the last few years, the UK has been relentlessly pursuing austerity measures and drastically reducing welfare expenditure. Today, as part of this trend, the government has restricted access to child benefits. Families who have a third child after April 6 2017 will not receive child benefits (in the form of tax credits) for that […]

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Emerging concerns for human rights in childbirth: Imposed evidenced-based care as obstetric violence?

Camilla Pickles 5th April 2017

Pregnancy and childbirth can trigger the violation of a number of rights including bodily and psychological integrity, equality, dignity, and privacy. This concern is particularly relevant when women are funnelled into facility-based obstetric care which is over-medicalised; not women-centred; and marred by paternalism, and harmful and discriminatory gender stereotypes. In some facilities, ‘care’ is coercive […]

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