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Access, Affordability, and the American Health Reform Dilemma, Part II: The Affordable Care Act’s First Seven Years

Elizabeth McCuskey 28th March 2017

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) turned seven last week, with a proposed legislative effort to gut many of its core protections looming.  Then, in a dramatic turn on Friday afternoon, the proponents of the repeal abandoned their effort for lack of majority support, leaving the ACA as the “law of […]

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Access, Affordability, and the American Health Reform Dilemma, Part I: Genesis of the Affordable Care Act

Elizabeth McCuskey 27th March 2017

The debate over the government’s role in health care is not a new one, nor is the existential crisis that surrounds it.  On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the culmination of years of both widespread public support for health reform and vigorous disagreement over what form reform should take.  […]

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Using Technology to Personalise and Advance Learning in Classrooms in India

Pranav Kothari, Anurima Chatterjee and Aarushi Prabhakar 26th March 2017

India has seen a push from both the private and state sectors to use technology in an effort to improve learning outcomes for children in schools. There is a central government ICT policy in place which provides grants to schools to be spent on hardware and software. Organisations have experimented with various modes of deployment […]

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A Controversial Judgment of the Spanish Constitutional Court: Excluding Irregular Migrants from Free Healthcare

Tania Abbiate 14th March 2017

Last July, the Spanish Constitutional Court issued a contentious judgment in one of a number of pending constitutional challenges to a modification to the Spanish national health-care system. The changes to the healthcare system mainly concern the move from a universal healthcare system to an insurance-based one, but only for certain people. The number of […]

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Improving Legal Literacy in the Struggle for the Right to Education

Faranaaz Veriava 10th March 2017

On 15 February 2017, a partnership of civil society organisations that have been involved in rights-based struggles for access to a quality basic education launched a Basic Education Rights Handbook. The initiative has been led by the public interest organisation Section27.  The partner organisations that have contributed to the Handbook are: The Equal Education Law […]

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