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Reinforcing Rights: Strengthening UN Human Rights Treaty Monitoring at a Time of Crisis

Vincent Ploton and Christen Broecker 3rd May 2017

The upcoming review of the UN’s human rights treaty bodies in 2020 provides an opportunity to increase the impact that these mechanisms have on States’ implementation of their human rights commitments. Yet the review is poised to take place at a time of great challenge to the international human rights system. The UN’s human rights treaties are, quite simply, the legal and normative foundation of the international human rights […]

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The Individual and Structural Aspects of Gender Inequality at Work

Hadas Mandel 2nd May 2017

Within the growing debate concerning the future of what has been termed as the “gender revolution,” two distinct voices can be heard. The more optimistic voice forecasts a continued reduction in gender inequality until its eventual disappearance. The less optimistic voice perceives the gender split as deeply rooted in the basic organization of social relations, […]

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Domestic Violence and the Regressive Russian Amendment

Surya Rajkumar 1st May 2017

On the 8th of February 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law an amendment that relegated domestic violence, as previously discussed on this blog, to an administrative offence. This post will argue that the new law lacks any persuasive justification and does not comply with Russia’s international human rights obligations. Under the new law, […]

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Pihl v Sweden: the ECtHR’s Unhelpful Preoccupation with Hate Speech

Claire Overman and Andrew Wheelhouse 27th April 2017

On 9 March 2017, the Third Section of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) declared inadmissible a complaint by the applicant, Mr Pihl, that his right to respect for his private life had been violated.  He had complained to the ECtHR that Swedish legislation preventing him from holding a non-for-profit association responsible for a […]

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Is the Turkish Constitutional Referendum a Reflection of Democracy?

Saeed Bagheri 26th April 2017

The constitutional referendum was held on 16 April in Turkey. In this referendum, the majority of Turkish people said “yes” to the constitutional amendments through which the Turkish governmental system should be changed to a presidential system. Traditionally, it has been accepted that the legitimacy of a referendum is based on direct participation of people […]

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