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Is the two-thirds gender rule discourse engendering double invisibility in public life for other vulnerable groups in Kenya?

Lucianna Thuo 19th August 2016

It is asserted that an enduring democracy is one that secures the meaningful participation of youth, women, persons with disabilities, the elderly, minorities and other marginalised groups in public life and decision-making processes. These groups are identified under Article 21(3) of Kenya’s 2010 Constitution as vulnerable and state organs and public officials required to take […]

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Guilty of Rape, But Not Punished

Elise Maes 17th August 2016

On 3 February 2016, the Criminal Division of the Court of First Instance of Ghent in Belgium found a 33-year old man guilty of rape, but decided to suspend the imposition of punishment. The public prosecutor appealed, demanding a sentence of 18 months of imprisonment, of which 12 months would be conditional upon the offender […]

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ICJ Judge Joan Donoghue speaks on the difficulty of proving Human Rights violations in front of the “World Court” at the Oxford Human Rights Program

Marianne Hrdlicka 15th August 2016

By starting off with a made up case of forced disappearance that led our made up victim to flee to another country away from his captors, Judge Donoghue demonstrated the single most difficult thing in cases involving human rights violations: access to evidence. Just like a local trial judge, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) […]

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Velásquez Paiz et al v Guatemala: Femicide in Guatemala – Part II

Lucia Mazzuca and Keina Yoshida 12th August 2016

On 19 November 2015, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (‘the Court’) handed down a decision on gender-based violence in Guatemala. This decision comes at a time when Guatemala has been pursuing prosecutions for grave crimes perpetrated during the dictatorship of Rios Montt (as a background, see the documentary “Granito: How to Nail a Dictator”). […]

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Velásquez Paiz et al v Guatemala: Gender Stereotypes and Lack of Justice – Part I

Lucia Mazzuca and Keina Yoshida 9th August 2016

In November 2015, a decade after the sexual assault and murder of a young Guatemalan woman, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (‘the Court’) released a ground-breaking judgment further clarifying the scope and content of states’ responsibility in addressing gender-based violence. On 12 August 2005, Claudina Isabel Velásquez Paiz, a 19 years old student, went […]

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