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South African Constitutional Court Allows Secret Ballot for Motion of No Confidence in the President

Jason Brickhill 23rd June 2017

The South African Constitutional Court yesterday upheld an application by opposition political parties setting aside the refusal of the Speaker of Parliament to direct that a vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma be decided by secret ballot. The Court stopped short of ordering the Speaker to conduct a secret ballot, but gave powerful […]

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The Sorry State of Education in India

Ananye Krishna 22nd June 2017

Lack of education is a fundamental problem in India, and the state of the Indian government schools is a clear illustration of this. Education is a constitutional right in India, but its provision falls well below an adequate standard. This post will look at the poor state of public schools in India.  The Government of […]

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Statelessness and the Syrian Conflict

Dilys Hartley 21st June 2017

Being stateless ultimately means having no nationality and having no nationality usually means having no documents to prove your identity. People can become stateless for many reasons, two of which are conflict and forced displacement. Conflict not only impacts stateless people the most heavily in their ability to flee, it also actively contributes to the […]

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Australia’s Bid for the UN Human Rights Council and the Domestic Politics of Race

Dominic O'Sullivan 20th June 2017

Australia has identified five priorities to support its candidacy for a seat on the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. They are ‘gender equality, good governance, freedom of expression, the rights of indigenous peoples and strong national human rights institutions, and capacity building’. These are important aspirations. However, they cannot easily be pursued as Australia continues to […]

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Human Rights and Counterterrorism

Liora Lazarus 19th June 2017

Last week Theresa May argued that human rights laws that impede effective counter-terrorism should be changed. Keir Starmer disagrees, arguing that human rights and effective counterterrorism are complementary. Who is right? Two preliminary points must be made. There is a lot of confusion in this debate between the existence of legal constraints, and the idea […]

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