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Surrogacy: A Global Form of Exploitation

Rafael Cruz 30th May 2016

Surrogacy appears to be an altruistic alternative for infertile couples that desire to become parents but are unable to for a number of reasons, not just medical. Due to its unclear legal nature and the lack of an international convention or treaty, legislation around the world has treated surrogacy in different ways: defining it as […]

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Rethinking Asylum-Seeker Detention in Hong Kong

Sean Yau Shun Ming 15th March 2016

The right of asylum is admittedly not an absolute right given that it requires a fine balance of interests to be struck. While this appears to be substantiated by the refugee crisis in Europe, the United Nations has consistently highlighted the danger of adopting ‘securitisation’ as a red herring. Hong Kong, as a popular destination […]

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Dispatch From the Balkans: Guarantees of Safe Passage and Access to Asylum Are Crucial, Not Border Fortifications

Stacy Topouzova 4th March 2016

On Saturday 27 February 2016, thousands of people gathered in cities across Europe to call for the protection of refugee rights and, specifically, the right of every person to submit an asylum claim. The message, under the banner ‘safe passage’, is simple: allow people to enter and seek asylum. The message is especially timely, coming […]

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Trafficking of human beings at the ECtHR: Broadening the protection of women and girls through Article 14

Teresa Fernandez Paredes and Maria Lacayo 29th January 2016

Two Spanish cases currently pending before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) illustrate the gaping lacuna in the protections extended to trafficked women on the continent. They also, however, offer a unique opportunity to broaden this protection by recognizing, for the first time, that human trafficking is a form of gender-based violence that constitutes […]

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