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Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the Future of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Stephanie Tai 12th July 2018

President Trump recently named Justice Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee. Although the nomination awaits confirmation from the Senate, an analysis of Justice Kavanaugh’s record suggests that he could be in favor of implementing a more lenient standard of review for restrictions on abortion, or more worryingly, be the decisive 5th vote the Supreme […]

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Pakistan’s New Transgender Law: Lessons To Be Learnt

Samidha Mathur 10th July 2018

The Pakistan Supreme Court in 2009 recognised transgender persons as the third sex in Pakistani society. However, since then, Pakistan has repeatedly failed to protect its transgender citizens and the discrimination against them has been rampant. The stage though, is set to change with a victory for transgender activists in Pakistan. On May 8 2018, […]

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Internet Shutdowns: The Irony of a Digital Nation?

Mihika Poddar and Shardha Rajam 5th July 2018

Between January to May (2018) alone, the Indian government imposed 55 internet shutdowns. An internet shutdown disrupts all electronic communications and services within a geographical location. Often, neither the reason for, nor the duration of these shutdowns is made transparent. In a digital age, these shutdowns interfere with much more than just free speech because they hinder […]

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Governance Gaps Lead to the Displacement of People Living in Rural Communities in Zambia

Mwai Daka 4th July 2018

In Zambia, gaps in governance are allowing commercial farmers to contravene the law. This has resulted in the physical displacement and dispossession of native rural communities as well as the decline in subsistence farming relied on by poor households for survival. Recently, the Food First International and Action Network raised concerns over the financing of the […]

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