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The Kenyan Election: An Insight into the Effectiveness of Constitutional Guarantees

Duncan Okubasu Munabi 10th August 2017

Kenya held its general elections two days ago, after a period of aggressive political campaigning. This election, there are two major political parties, the Jubilee Party (Jubilee) (sponsoring President Uhuru Kenyatta), and the National Super Alliance (NASA), a coalition of political parties, sponsoring Raila Odinga. Jubilee is a dominant party in the former Central and […]

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What does a Free and Fair Election mean for Kenyans?

Andrew Maina 8th August 2017

Kenyans go to the polls to elect their leaders today, the 8th of August 2017. There are six elective posts that they need to fill. These include the Member of the County Assembly, County Governor, Member of National Assembly, Senator, Women Representative and the President. The credibility of the polls has come into sharp focus, […]

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Le Droit, C’est Moi: Xi Jinping’s New Rule-By-Law Approach

George G. Chen 26th July 2017

China’s party-and-state leader tries to bring government officials under the reach of the legal system. But the purpose of this approach is less about ensuring compliance with the law than about ensuring the top leadership’s control over its bureaucracy. Chinese concepts of the law differ in many important aspects from those in Western democracies. In […]

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Iran’s Presidential Charade: Women Out or In?

Delaram Farzaneh 21st July 2017

The controversy over whether a woman can be President in Iran rises every four years during the presidential election. Every women who has registered has been found “unqualified” by the Guardian Council (GC). The May 2017 election was no exception: 137 women registered and were found unqualified. Six Muslim men met the qualifications to campaign. The uncertainty over whether women can […]

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