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Dignifying Movement: Advocating for Reform of Irish Labour Migration Policy

Rachel Wechsler 18th December 2015

Migration is a global reality that has increasingly become the subject of academic and popular debate. Last week, Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) contributed to the discussion by publishing a report analysing Ireland’s labour migration policies and calling for their reform. MRCI is an Irish NGO that has been recognized with a SOLIDAR Silver Rose […]

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Can a State Refuse Migrant Family Allowances Due to Irregular Reunification?

Nikolaos Sitaropoulos 27th October 2015

In Osungu and Lokongo v. France (delivered on 8/9/2015), the European Court of Human Rights (“the Court”) rejected as “manifestly ill-founded” two applications submitted by Congolese regular migrants. The proceedings concerned the French authorities’ refusal to grant the migrants family allowances for their minor children who had entered and resided in France, in contravention of […]

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Has the Council of the EU’s Decision on Relocation of Refugees Given Adequate Effect to the Commission’s Proposals?

Kanad Bagchi 2nd October 2015

My previous post analysed some of the immediate and long-term responses to the escalating refugee crisis in Europe proposed by the EU Commission in its State of the Union Address. The Council of the European Union reconvened on Tuesday 22nd of September to consider these measures, resulting in the adoption of a second decision on […]

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Dios, No Patrias, Libertad: The Dominican Republic’s Unfolding Human Rights Crisis

Christopher Smith 1st October 2015

The Dominican Republic’s (DR) motto proudly proclaims “Dios, Patrias, Libertad”—“God, Country, Freedom.” Yet, despite its promise of “Patrias,” many individuals in the DR born to Haitian immigrants could soon find themselves without a home. In September 2013, the Dominican Republic Constitutional Court (DRCC) rendered Ruling TC/0168/13, which retroactively stripped Dominican citizenship from individuals born to […]

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External Processing of Refugee Claims: Problem or Part of the Solution? The Australian Experience

Sadaf Lakhani and Judith Reen 25th September 2015

European countries have expressed an interest in external processing of asylum claims, which would involve establishing asylum processing centres in other countries, most likely in North Africa. It is thought this could help provide safe pathways for asylum seekers to reach their target countries, avoiding the hazardous journeys, as well enabling them to be processed […]

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