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Abolition of Social Grounds for Abortion in Bolivia

Ligia De Jesús Castaldi 7th March 2018

Latin America’s broadest decriminalization of abortion was passed in Bolivia in December 2017, but was recently abolished by the Legislative Assembly on January 24, less than two months later, upon President Evo Morales’s request. The nation’s criminal statute had been amended to contain eight different grounds for abortion, by far the largest number of legal […]

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Irish High Court rules Constitution protects a ‘Right to an Environment’

Jamie McLoughlin 6th March 2018

The recent 2017, Irish High Court judgment on environmental rights has been described as ‘historic’ as it declared that the Irish Constitution protects an un-enumerated personal constitutional ‘right to an environment that is consistent with the human dignity and well-being of citizens at large’ [241]. The case concerned a legal challenge brought by Friends of the […]

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The Indian Suffragists: Claiming their Rights in Britain and India  

Priya Ravichandran 5th March 2018

In the beginning there were Indians in suffragists movements, and an India suffragist movement. The suffragist movement in India grew in the shadows of larger suffragette movements around the world, and often with aid from suffragists who fought longer fire and brimstone battles in their own countries. The Indian women who lobbied for their rights in […]

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Falling into gaps and getting stuck in traps: Post-18 transition for young people with learning difficulties

Charlotte Kelly 4th March 2018

Connor Sparrowhawk, a young man of 18 with autism and epilepsy, was admitted to Slade House after he became increasingly agitated by changes as he prepared to leave school and transition into receiving adult social care services. Slade House was an Assessment and Treatment Unit/ Centre designed for short-term crisis management for people with learning […]

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