Violence Against Women in South Africa: President Zuma and the ANC Still Have Not Got the Message

Guest Contributor - 21st February 2013

By Nabihah Iqbal – The recent tragedy of Anene Booysen has brought widespread attention to the pandemic of violence, especially sexual violence, against women in South Africa, a country labelled by Interpol as the ‘rape capital of the world’, and where it is estimatedthat a woman is raped every 17 seconds. Booysen’s case has been […]

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Lifting As We Climb

Shreya Atrey - 6th February 2013

Upon the formation of the National Association of Colored Women’s Club, the chosen motto read: Lifting As We Climb. This principle was guided by the aspiration that the movement of Afro-American women must also guarantee the upliftment of all sisters and indeed all dispossessed. To them, inclusiveness and diversity was of central significance in feminist […]

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Disappointing Departures from the Verma Committee Report

Chintan Chandrachud - 3rd February 2013

  The Union Cabinet of the Government of India has cleared an ordinance making changes to India’s rape laws. This comes a few days after the Justice Verma Committee submitted its report (discussed here and here) recommending comprehensive changes to the criminal law in the light of the horrific gangrape in New Delhi in December. […]

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Clarifying the Law on Consent in The Verma Report

Meghan Campbell - 31st January 2013

After the tragedy of the gang rape in Delhi on December 16, 2012, the Committee on Amendments to Criminal Law (The Verma Report) has submitted recommendations to the Prime Minister of India on reforming the laws on rape. The definition of legal consent to rape and sexual assault raises many challenging issues on the roles […]

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The Justice JS Verma Committee Report on Amendments to Criminal Law relating to Sexual Violence in India- Preliminary Observations

Dhvani Mehta - 24th January 2013

The Justice JS Verma Committee, set up by the Government of India after the horrific  gang-rape in Delhi on December 16, 2012, submitted a 630 page report on 23 January 2012, setting out its recommendations for the reform of India’s sexual violence laws. The Committee received over 80,000 responses to its call for submissions. A copy of […]

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