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A Good Day for the Rule of Law

Abigail Adams and Jeremias Prassl 26th July 2017

‘We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.’ (Magna Carta, cl XXXIX) Access to justice lies at the very core of the Rule of Law, as the Supreme Court’s decision in Unison v Lord Chancellor reminded the UK government this morning. The Justices were […]

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Le Droit, C’est Moi: Xi Jinping’s New Rule-By-Law Approach

George G. Chen 26th July 2017

China’s party-and-state leader tries to bring government officials under the reach of the legal system. But the purpose of this approach is less about ensuring compliance with the law than about ensuring the top leadership’s control over its bureaucracy. Chinese concepts of the law differ in many important aspects from those in Western democracies. In […]

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Asylum Seekers Gain the Right to Work in Ireland

Dáire McCormack-George 25th July 2017

Asylum seekers arriving in Ireland are prohibited from seeking employment until a determination of their application for asylum has been made. In the meantime, asylum seekers are required to stay in what are known as Direct Provision centres and receive an allowance of €19/week. In many cases, asylum seekers remain in Direct Provision for years. […]

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The Taylor Review and the Zero-hours Contract

Mark Freedland 24th July 2017

In this note, I take a very brief look at the ‘Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices’ (‘TR’), concentrating on its main proposal regarding zero-hours contracting and using that as a focal point upon which to centre a view of this policy document as a whole.  Presented as an ‘independent review of employment practices’ led […]

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Iran’s Presidential Charade: Women Out or In?

Delaram Farzaneh 21st July 2017

The controversy over whether a woman can be President in Iran rises every four years during the presidential election. Every women who has registered has been found “unqualified” by the Guardian Council (GC). The May 2017 election was no exception: 137 women registered and were found unqualified. Six Muslim men met the qualifications to campaign. The uncertainty over whether women can […]

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