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CEDAW Committee General Recommendation on Violence against Women Updated

Kevät Nousiainen 14th September 2017

In July 2017, the CEDAW Committee released a new General Recommendation (No. 35) on Violence Against Women (VAW), 25 years after the first on the topic, General Recommendation No.19. This represents a step forward in the international legal response to the challenge of widespread VAW.    The 1979 UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination […]

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Menstruation, the Right to Education and India’s Positive Obligations

Sanjana Srikumar 12th September 2017

The link between menstruation and the goals of gender justice is a complicated one- whether it is the debate surrounding the controversial first-day-of-period leave introduced by some offices or challenges to the taxation regimes of menstrual hygiene products in 2 separate petitions before the Bombay and Delhi High Courts respectively. Most recently, a 2-judge bench […]

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The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Victor Boutros and John Richmond 11th September 2017

July 30th marked the UN’s fourth annual World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, which seeks to increase awareness of human trafficking as a serious crime and human rights violation. Traffickers make money by exploiting others, often forcing them to work in their business or to engage in commercial sex, seizing their earnings, and paying them […]

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Gender Equality in China

Jason Hung 9th September 2017

Confucianism has been regarded as a nationwide paradigm in China for over two millennia. Susan Greenhalgh (1985) argues that, “Traditional Confucian China evolved some of the most patriarchal family systems that ever existed.” In recent times, however, legislative progress and a change in attitudes are starting to displace this patriarchy.   In the 1990s, China […]

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Fact-Finding and the Rohingya Community

Praharsh Johorey 8th September 2017

In March of this year, the Human Rights Council (HRC) unanimously adopted a resolution concerning the Myanmar Government’s treatment  of its Rohingya minority, which declared an imminent need to dispatch an ‘independent fact-finding mission’ to ascertain and study the facts and circumstances relating to the escalating human rights violations the State is accused of perpetrating […]

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