Challenges of Representation in Law and Politics-Sarah Sackman (Francis Talyor Building)
03 Nov 2015, 1pm | SCR, Law Faculty, Oxford University

This seminar will explore what it means to “represent” a client in court in public law litigation. What are the strengths and limitations of representation and how does representing individuals or groups in the legal context compare with representing residents in political campaigns. Does public law or local politics afford individuals a greater voice in the decisions affecting their lives or is there a danger, particularly where the people being represented are marginalised or vulnerable, that the voice of the advocate or political representative will predominate.

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Sarah Sackman
Sarah Sackman holds an LLM from Harvard Law School. She practices as a barrister at Francis Taylor Building in public and environmental law and is a Visiting Lecturer at LSE Cities. She stood unsuccessfully as the Labour Party’s candidate in a marginal seat at the 2015 General Election. Sarah will draw on academic work on the theory of legal practice and her personal experience of practising as a barrister and two years of community organising and campaigning in North London to explore the challenges of representation.