Comparative Hate Crime Research Report

admin - 1st May 2014

A comparative analysis of hate crime laws prepared by Oxford Pro Bono Publico for the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (April 2014)

This report analyses specific questions regarding the application of hate crime laws to offences the victims of which belong to majority or advantaged groups in society. The report covers nine jurisdictions: Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, the United States, Slovakia, and South Africa. The underlying research was carried out by nine volunteers from seven different countries. The research addresses three aspects of hate crime laws in each jurisdiction. The first is whether it is relevant to the interpretation of the legislation whether the victim belongs to a vulnerable or disadvantaged group. The second is the kind of evidence accepted or required to establish that an offence of the relevant type has been committed. The third is the extent of prosecutorial discretion available in respect of hate crime cases. While the report does not purport to provide comprehensive coverage of all hate crime laws, it provides an in-depth analysis across a wide range of jurisdictions. You can read the full report below, or download it here. You can browse or search all OPBP’s reports here.

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