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A Better Future for Women at Work: Legal and Policy Strategies

18 May 2017 - Harold Lee Room, Pembroke College

Despite numerous legal and policy interventions women continue to face significant disadvantage in both formal and informal work. The ILO report “Women at Work Trends – 2016” estimates that globally women earn approximately 77 per cent of men’s wages. At the current rate, pay equity between women and men will not be achieved before 2086.’ […]

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Does the Autonomous Dignified Worker Have the Right To Engage in Civil Disobedience? -Prof Anne Lofaso (WVU)

13 May 2016 - W3, Hertford College, Oxford University

In a just workplace, one governed by rules, regulations, and laws that reflect the values of autonomy and dignity, workers have a voice in workplace decision making (have become part authors of their working lives) and are treated with dignity.   These autonomous dignified workers are better able to fulfill the needs and wants of themselves […]

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Comparative Perspectives on the Right to Education for Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups

14 Jan 2016 - New Delhi, India

The Oxford Human Rights Hub, alongside Open Society Foundations and the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy is hosting an international conference on Comparative Perspectives on the Right to Education for Minorities and Disadvantage Groups on January 14-15, 2016 in New Delhi, India. Throughout the world, children from minority and disadvantaged groups suffer disproportionately from unequal […]

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Panel Event: UN Women’s Progress of the World’s Women 2015 Report ‘Transforming Economies, Realising Rights’

18 Nov 2015 - SCR, Law Faculty, Oxford University

The OxHRH is delighted to be holding a panel event for the recently released UN Women’s Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016 Report ‘Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights’. UN Women’s flagship report, ‘shows that, all too often, women’s economic and social rights are held back, because they are forced to fit into a ‘man’s world’. But, […]

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The Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships in Realising the Right to Education Online Workshop

29 Jul 2015 - Harold Lee Room, Pembroke College

The Oxford Human Rights Hub and the Open Society Foundation are excited to be hosting a participative and interactive online workshop exploring the challenges of public and private partnerships in realising the right to education. Public private partnerships are an increasing phenomenon in the field of education. The growing influence of a market model of […]

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