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Recent British Court Decisions on the Death Penalty: Letting the British Government off the Noose? -Reader Jon Yorke (BCU)

21 Oct 2014 - Senior Common Room, Law Faculty

Recent British court decisions have considered the UK export of chemical substances used for lethal injection in the United States, the FCO blanket ban on providing financial assistance for British nationals facing the death penalty abroad, and the acquiescence of British security services in apprehending terrorist suspects in foreign jurisdictions who will face capital charges. […]

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Women’s and Children’s Health: Evidence of the Impact of Human Rights -Prof Paul Hunt (Essex)

02 Dec 2014 - Senior Common Room, Law Faculty

In 2011, Professor Paul Hunt (UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health, 2002-2008) was asked by Dr. Flavia Bustreo (Assistant Director-General, WHO) to lead a project on the evidence of impact of human rights on aspects of women’s and children’s health. A multi-disciplinary Steering Group was established, including Dr Francisco Songane, former Minister of […]

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