Referrals to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights: What Questions are Serious Enough?-Prof Fiona de Londras (Durham)

03 Feb 2015 - White and Case Room, Oxford Law Faculty

Decisions of a chamber of the European Court of Human Rights can be referred by either party for reconsideration by the Grand Chamber. These referral applications are then decided upon by a panel of five judges, which decides whether they raise sufficiently ‘serious’ questions for the Grand Chamber to be convened. The process and principles […]

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Human Rights and Personal Identity-Prof Jill Marshall (Leicester)

24 Feb 2015 - Oxford Law Faculty

Jill Marshall’s Human Rights Law and Personal Identity, published by Routledge in June 2014, explores the role human rights law plays in the formation, and protection, of our personal identities. Drawing from a range of disciplines, Marshall critically examines how, in a so called age of liberation and individuality, human rights law includes and excludes […]

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Is a Business and Human Rights Treaty Necessary?-Prof David Bilchitz (University of Johannesburg)

10 Mar 2015 - Law Boardroom, Oxford Faculty of Law

In June 2014, the Human Rights Council passed a resolution whereby countries agreed to commence discussions on a legally binding instrument relating to transnational corporations and other business enterprises. In this paper, I outline four arguments for why a treaty is necessary to cureimportant lacunae in international law in this field. The arguments all are […]

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