Is a Business and Human Rights Treaty Necessary?-Prof David Bilchitz (University of Johannesburg)

10 Mar 2015 - Law Boardroom, Oxford Faculty of Law

In June 2014, the Human Rights Council passed a resolution whereby countries agreed to commence discussions on a legally binding instrument relating to transnational corporations and other business enterprises. In this paper, I outline four arguments for why a treaty is necessary to cureimportant lacunae in international law in this field. The arguments all are […]

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The 30th Anniversary of Canadian Equality Rights: W(h)ither Sex Equality?-Prof Donna Greschner (Victoria)

27 Mar 2015 - Law Boardroom, Oxford Faculty of Law

This seminar will examine key features of the Supreme Court of Canada’s jurisprudence on section 15 – the general equality rights provision of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom – from the aspirational perspective of substantive sex equality. Within each of the three distinct doctrinal periods over the past thirty years, the potential to […]

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The Shifting Nature of Work and Its Implications-Justice Michael Walton

28 Apr 2015 - Oxford Law Faculty

Employment is a critical feature of modern society. The nature of employment determines not only the operation of the economy and economic and business prosperity but also determines the quality of individuals’ lives. In that respect, work is both an economic transaction and central to human life and dignity. Critically, it is also an important […]

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Human Smuggling Before the Supreme Court of Canada-Professor Catherine Dauvergne (UBC)

06 May 2015 - Oxford Law Faculty

This talk will explain the constitutional challenge to Canada’s human smuggling laws that was argued before the Supreme Court of Canada in February 2015.  The case asks whether Canada’s criminalization of human smuggling is unconstitutional because it can penalize individuals and groups who assist refugees in seeking international protection in Canada.  Catherine Dauvergne provided expert […]

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