The Shifting Nature of Work and Its Implications-Justice Michael Walton (Industrial Court of New South Wales)

28 Apr 2015 - Senior Common Room, Oxford Law Faculty

Employment is a critical feature of modern society. The nature of employment determines not only the operation of the economy and economic and business prosperity but also determines the quality of individuals’ lives. In that respect, work is both an economic transaction and central to human life and dignity. Critically, it is also an important […]

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Human Smuggling Before the Supreme Court of Canada-Professor Catherine Dauvergne (UBC)

06 May 2015 - Oxford Law Faculty

This talk will explain the constitutional challenge to Canada’s human smuggling laws that was argued before the Supreme Court of Canada in February 2015.  The case asks whether Canada’s criminalization of human smuggling is unconstitutional because it can penalize individuals and groups who assist refugees in seeking international protection in Canada.  Catherine Dauvergne provided expert […]

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Human Rights After the Election – A Near Miss or Apocalypse Now!-Adam Wagner (One Crown Office Row)

12 May 2015 - Senior Common Room, Oxford Law Faculty

With the impending 2015 UK Election we are still waiting to find out if the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights are safe for now or under serious threat. Come and hear barrister and human rights campaigner Adam Wagner’s views on the future of human rights in the UK. This seminar is being co-hosted […]

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Children’s Rights in Fragile Contexts: Exploring Theoretical and Methodological Research Challenges

06 Jun 2015 - Harold Lee Room, Pembroke College, University of Oxford Pembroke Square, Oxford OX1 1DW, United Kingdom

Children’s Rights in Fragile Contexts: Exploring Theoretical and Methodological Research Challenges A symposium for PhD students and early-career researchers Conference Overview The year 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely ratified international treaty in the world. Children’s rights, however, remain a contested and insecure reality. Various phenomena, […]

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Are we all in this together? Human rights in light of international cooperation and extraterritorial obligations-Professor Sigrun Skogly (Lancaster)

09 Jun 2015 - Senior Common Room, Oxford Law Faculty

In this paper, Professor Skogly addresses the question as to how far states’ extraterritorial human rights obligations go in terms of international cooperation and assistance. She questions whether there is an obligation to provide international assistance, and if so what the legal and moral foundations for such obligations may be. She further addresses the content […]

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