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OxHRH Webinar-Counter-Terrorism and Security in Europe after the Paris Attacks-Prof Fiona de Londras (Birmingham)

22 Jan 2016 - Oxford University

The OxHRH Webinar is archived and now available to view here! The OxHRH with the support of the Bertha Foundation, is pleased to continue it’s innovative webinar series with an exciting webinar from Professor Fiona de Londras (University of Birmingham) on the security responses to the Paris Attacks in November 2015. The attacks in Paris […]

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Two Models of Normative Framework for Human Rights during Emergencies- James Nickel (University of Miami)

27 Oct 2015 - SCR, Law Faculty, Oxford University

This lecture seeks to stimulate new thinking about emergency frameworks for human rights. It suggests that the frameworks in contemporary human rights treaties are early efforts with many shortcomings.  Two models of emergency frameworks are explored.  Both are ideal types.  The first model insists on the importance of naming and using types of emergencies (such […]

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Can Courts Review National Security?

09 Jun 2014 - Dr David Scharia (Coordinator, Legal and Criminal Justice Group, Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate of the United Nations Security Council.), 1pm Law Boardroom, Oxford Faculty of Law

On 9th June, Dr. David Scharia gave a talk to OxHRH members on whether courts could review national security. In recent years, countries around the world introduced numerous national security programs and military campaigns. Yet, very few of these measures, despite the complex legal questions they raise have been the subject of rigorous judicial review, […]

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Accounting for Rights in EU Counter-Terrorism

05 Jun 2014 - Professor Fiona de Londras (Durham) 1pm Senior Common Room, Oxford Faculty of Law

On 5th June, Professor Fiona de Londras, from Durham Law School, gave a fascinating talk to the Oxford Human Rights Hub on the development of EU counter-terrorism measures. On 11 September 2001 the EU had no formal counter-terrorism law. Indeed, at that time even coordination in criminal justice generally speaking was contentious within the EU context. However, […]

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New Human Rights Challenges in Countering Terrorism: a Council of Europe Perspective

13 May 2014 - Ivan Koedjikov, Senior Common Room, Oxford Faculty of Law

The seminar looked into the changing faces of terrorism and explored the question, is it possible to perpetuate human rights while dealing with new terrorist threats? Or are we bound to face tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s tools, therefore accepting that at least occasionally, not only human beings but also human rights will fall victim to […]

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