Film: In Solidarity – The Migration Blanket

admin - 19th November 2020

In Solidarity – The Migration Blanket is a collaborative artwork created during COVID-19 by Refugee and Asylum Seeker girls and women around the world and International Artist and Human Rights Activist, Salma Zulfiqar. The artwork shines a light on the need for compassion, tolerance and acceptance of Refugees and Migration and gives Refugee and Asylum Seeker girls and women a voice through creative expression during these troubled times. The artwork is a call for solidarity with refugees and a call to protect females on the move.

Girls in refugee camps, orphanages and temporary accommodation contributed to this international collective digital artwork breaking boundaries, learning new skills, improving psychological wellbeing and creating new friendships during the global pandemic which has crippled societies around the world. The positive impact of this project on their lives has been documented and wide ranging.

Watch the Artwork trailer here. For more details about the project and artist visit here and here.

Please note that this project took place online during these extremely challenging circumstances  at the height of COVID-19  earlier in 2020 connecting vulnerable  girls and women in the UK (Birmingham, Manchester and London) to a European and global community where they broke the cycle of isolation, improved psychological  wellbeing,  learned creative skills and about human rights.

Image: Global Solidarity © Salma Zulfiqar.

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