Friday in Focus: Mwai Daka

admin - 17th May 2019

In 2015, I was awarded a Postgraduate Scholarship to complete an MA in Politics at the University of Sheffield and I am currently undertaking an MA in Law at the University of Bristol (2018-2020). My research interests are human rights, democracy and land tenure in Africa.

Before getting involved with the Oxford Human Rights Hub, I did some freelance writing for Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, Africa at LSE, Open Democracy and Forge Press. I now operate as the Regional Correspondent for Oxford Human Rights Hub with a focus on the Southern Africa Development Community.

Writing for the Oxford Human Rights Hub has made it possible to write about crucial human rights issues in the region, including issues that have significant impact on ordinary Zambians. I have written about displacement in Zambia, governance gaps, land rights and most recently, political violence in recent by-election. Writing about these pressing issues has helped me to consolidate and ground my knowledge on key human rights issues in the Southern Africa Development Community.

Most importantly, working with other human rights activists and academics in the field has further aroused my interest in human rights. I have been in discussions with key activists from Zambia, academics and legal advocates who have a key interest in human rights developments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I hope to continue supporting and writing for the Oxford Human Rights Hub because I think it is a great opportunity for me to bring to light human rights issues that would otherwise go unnoticed in other platforms. Writing for the Hub has given me an excellent opportunity to be the voice for those who do not have a voice in the Southern Africa Development Community and indeed Sub-Saharan Africa and I hope to continue doing so.

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