Friday in Focus: Tom Lowenthal

admin - 15th June 2018
I am the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog’s Managing Editor and a DPhil candidate at Balliol College. Last year, I was co-chair of Oxford Pro Bono Publico. I am currently coach of the Oxford University team for the Price Media Law Moot.My DPhil is in the intersection of the fields of the human rights of children and human rights and business. I am focusing on the question of how children’s rights are to be realised in the context of privatised education. My work is comparative, studying the law and practice in India, South Africa and England, all of which are jurisdictions where education is “privatised”, but in very different ways and very different constitutional contexts. It is exciting to be working on this in a time of flux for the field, with Guiding Principles on the Obligations of States Concerning Private Schools. In addition to my research, I also teach public and European Union law to undergraduates at the university.I have no doubt my work for the Hub has hugely benefited my understanding and knowledge of human rights law around the world. It has called to my attention important issues which would otherwise have flown under my radar, in jurisdictions with which I would otherwise be less familiar. I enjoy reviewing and reading the posts which the Hub’s readers and contributors send in, and I would encourage everyone to have a go at blogging with us!

At the end of next academic year, I will leave the Hub and Oxford to take up pupillage at Blackstone Chambers, where I hope I will be able to maintain my links with the Hub and the community of human rights scholars it so admirably fosters.


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