Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Eight Centuries After Runnymede

admin - 1st May 2014
This year’s Annual Hands Lecture will be given by David Boies, Chairman of Boies, Schiller and Flexner LLP . The lecture will be on on Wednesday 7th May at 5pm in the Examination Schools.  He will be speaking on “Human Rights and the Rule of Law.  Eight Centuries after Runnymede”.
David Boies has conducted many of the leading commercial, constitutional and civil liberties cases in the US.  He represented Vice President Al Gore in “Bush v Gore” and the Justice Department in “United States v Microsoft”,  and has led the battle for civil rights on many fronts including the right of marriage for gay citizens.
The Annual Hands Lectures are proudly support and hosted by Mansfield College, Oxford.

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