Human Rights Reporting in Mexico

admin - 2nd June 2014

Dr Ella McPherson, from the Department of Sociology at Cambridge University, will be giving a talk entitled “Contesting Credibility: Human Rights Reporting in Mexico.”


Date – Tuesday 3rd June

Time – 5:00pm

Venue – Seminar Room B, Department of Politics and International Relations, Manor Road

Ella McPherson’s research focuses on symbolic struggles surrounding the media in times of transition, whether democratic or digital. Her current research examines the potential of using social media by human rights NGOs for generating governmental accountability. This involves understanding the methodological and reputational implications of using social media and related networks as data sources and dissemination tools, as well as social media’s effects on pluralism in human rights discourse. Her previous research, drawing on her media ethnography of human rights reporting at Mexican newspapers, identified the contest for public credibility between state, media, and human rights actors as a significant driver of human rights coverage.

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