New Human Rights Challenges in Countering Terrorism: a Council of Europe Perspective

admin - 18th April 2014

The seminar looked into the changing faces of terrorism and explored the question, is it possible to perpetuate human rights while dealing with new terrorist threats? Or are we bound to face tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s tools, therefore accepting that at least occasionally, not only human beings but also human rights will fall victim to terrorism?

It was argued that human rights and the principles elaborated for their protection will remain valid even if the development of technology and the evil creativity of terrorists will continue to test them. Reference was made to Council of Europe international law conventions, as well as non-binding, “soft law” recommendations by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and the applying of these standards by the European Court of Human Rights.

Participants – who participated enthusiastically – were encouraged to give their own comments on the new human rights challenges in countering terrorism.

seminar abstract from Mr Koedjikov is available to download.

Photos of the event:

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