Wadham Human Rights Forum: Free Speech After Paris

admin 20th February 2015

Wadham Human Rights Forum is delighted to announce Jo Glanville and Giles Fraser as the speakers at its next event. Jo is the director of English PEN, and appears regularly in the media as a commentator on culture and freedom of expression, including the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and the London Review of Books. Giles […]

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OPBP Provides Research Assistance for GCHQ Mass Surveillance Case

admin 6th February 2015

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal found today that the sharing of intercepted mass communications between the UK and US governments before 2014 contravened Articles 8 and 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights, because the rules imposing safeguards on these activities were not made known to the public. OPBP provided comparative legal research for the claimants […]

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Wadham's Human Rights Forum: British Muslims, Politics, Media and the Law

admin 9th October 2014

Wadham Human Rights Forum is delighted to announce Peter Oborne as the speaker at its next event.  Peter is the chief political commentator for the Daily Telegraph and associate editor of the Spectator, and will share his views on the relationship between British Muslims, Politics, Media and the Law. The New McCarthyism: British Muslims, Politics, […]

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A Visit to the 'Virtual World' of Human Rights

admin 25th July 2014

How can online collaboration be used to enhance the understanding and protection of human rights law around the world?  What are some of the challenges involved in forging human rights networks in a virtual space?  What opportunities do ‘new media’ offer academics, researchers and policy makers seeking to transcend traditional geographical and linguistic barriers? How can […]

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