Congratulations to the OxHRH Team Members of Being Appointed Clerks at the South African Constitutional Court

admin 6th July 2018

Congratulations to OxHRH Research Director Helen Taylor on her appointment as a law clerk at the South African Constitutional Court and to OxHRH Research Associate Sanya Samtani on her appointment as a foreign law clerk for Justice Nonkosi Mhlantla at the South African Constitutional Court! Helen will be clerking for Justice Froneman from January 2019, undertaking legal research and assisting […]

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Call for Papers Young Scholars Forum Melbourne Institute of Comparative Constitutional Law

admin 5th July 2018

The Melbourne Institute of Comparative Constitutional Law (Institute) is an initiative of the Laureate Program in Comparative Constitutional Law, which is the program funded by the Australian Research Council for 2017-2022 which will convene annually in Melbourne for five years. The Laureate Program is based at Melbourne Law School which is also home to a large group of comparative constitutional law scholars […]

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Just For Kids Law Releases Animation Series Explaining Strategic Litigation

Kira Allmann 3rd July 2018

The principal findings of Open Society Justice Initiative on Insights from Global Experience of Strategic Litigation Impacts state; ‘If the arsenal for defending human rights globally is made up of diverse swords and shields, one of the most effective – and controversial – is strategic humans rights litigation. Just for Kids law, a UK based […]

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Friday in Focus: Anne Lofaso

admin 29th June 2018

Anne Marie Lofaso, Arthur B. Hodges Professor of Law at West Virginia University College of Law, is a research associate for the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog.  Although Professor Lofaso has been writing for OxHRBlog since 2015, she became involved with the blog in her current capacity in January 2016, when she was a Senior […]

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