POMP Seminar Series: Modern Anti-Discrimination Law and Policies in a Homogenous State-Possible or Exceptive? Polish Example

admin 5th February 2015

The following seminar will be given from 5 pm on Monday the 16nd February in the European Studies Centre, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford.  POMP Seminar Series: Monday 16th February Modern anti-discrimination laws and policies in a homogenous state – possible or exceptive? Polish example. Speaker: Dr Adam Bodnar (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights) Discussant: Dr Barbara […]

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Human Rights for Future Generations-Human Rights and Budgeting Workshop

admin 30th January 2015

The Human Rights for Future Generations Programme organised a workshop on human rights and budgeting at the Oxford Martin School on 29 January. Presentations were heard from Ann Blyberg (Former Director, International Human Rights Internship Program) Sally Ireland (Principal Policy Adviser, Children’s Commissioner) Rory O’Connell (Professor, University of Ulster) Angela O’Hagan (Research Fellow, Caledonian University) […]

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Associate Director Prof Liora Lazarus Presenting at the USIAS Symposium-Democratic Security

admin 27th January 2015

Associate Director, Associate Professor Liora Lazarus will be one of the key speakers at the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study  Symposium-Democratic Security on the right ‘Righting Security or Securitizing Rights.’ Today, the main threats to security seem to originate from within States rather than between them. The risk of a downward spiral of distrust and fear in […]

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Glasgow Human RIghts Network-Gradutate Conference on Human Rights: Challenges to Human Rights Theory and Practice: Call for Papers

admin 26th January 2015

Graduate Conference on Human Rights: Challenges to Human Rights Theory and Practice Call for Papers The postgraduate cluster of the Glasgow Human Rights Network (GHRN), based at the University of Glasgow, will be holding its second Graduate Conference on Human Rights on Thursday 21st May 2015. The keynote will be public and held on the […]

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