Contemporary South Asian Women Narratives: Subversion, Resilience & Shifting Response

Meghan Campbell 8th August 2017

Contemporary South Asian Women Narratives: Subversion, Resilience & Shifting Responses South Asian women writers not only provide a detailed insight into women’s dilemmas regarding their situation, but also highlight their efforts to break free from the dominating and constricting cultural patterns inhibiting their development as self-conscious, independent beings.  The Critical Thinking Forum’s members who will […]

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Call for Papers-Comparative Perspective on Administrative Law in India

admin 31st July 2017

6 – 7 April 2018, Delhi, India Hosted by Jindal Global Law School – Melbourne Law School – NUS Faculty of Law – Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, University of Oxford The organisers are pleased to announce a workshop on “Comparative Perspectives on Administrative Law in India”. There is an increasing and timely interest in […]

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Oxford Academics Letter to The Times on Judicial Independence in Poland

admin 25th July 2017

In light of recent proposed reforms to the judiciary in Poland, a group of Oxford academics, lead by OxHRH Associate, Associate Professor Liora Lazarus and Kacper Majewski (2nd year FHS student, University of Oxford and member of the Oxford Polish Society) have written a letter that has been published in The Times voicing their concerns […]

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