Is the Era of Universal Human Rights Coming to an End (Conor Gearty, LSE)

admin 5th January 2018

Corin​ Redgrave​​ Memorial ​​Lecture ​​2018​ Conor ​Gearty​ Professor​ of ​​Human​ ​Rights ​​Law​ ​at ​​LSE​ Is​ The​​ Era​​ of​ ​Universal​​ Human ​​Rights​ Coming​ To​ ​An ​​End?​ Saturday​ 27 ​​January​​ 2018 ​​at ​​2​​p​.m. Conway​Hall,​​25​​ Red​ ​Lion​ ​Square,​​ London​​ WC1 R​​4RL The challenges that human rights face today have not come out of the blue. Rather they are the result of what from the human rights perspective are three systemic weaknesses in the architecture […]

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Applications Open for OxHRH-Rhodes University Fellowship

admin 3rd January 2018

Rhodes University Research Fellowship/ Oxford Human Rights Hub Travelling Fellowship Background The Rhodes University Research Fellowship/ Oxford Human Rights Hub Travelling Fellowship (‘the Fellowship’) is a partnership between the Faculty of Law at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa and the Oxford Human Rights Hub at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford (OxHRH), […]

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Happy Holidays and New Year from the OxHRH!

admin 20th December 2017

Our OxHRH activities have gathered momentum during this year of celebrating the fifth anniversary of the OxHRH. Michaelmas Term has been particularly productive with the culmination of several of our major initiatives. Chief among these has been the launch of our online course Learning Lessons from Litigators: Realising the Right to Education Through Public Interest […]

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Friday in Focus: Ndjodi Ndeunyema

admin 15th December 2017

I am transitioning into the DPhil Law, as a Daube Law Scholar, from the MPhil, which I am awaiting to defend. My academic research locates itself in the context of Namibia and looks at the enforceability (or otherwise) of social and economic rights under Namibian law. I argue for an African values-based premise to assert […]

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