Just For Kids Law Releases Animation Series Explaining Strategic Litigation

Kira Allmann 3rd July 2018

The principal findings of Open Society Justice Initiative on Insights from Global Experience of Strategic Litigation Impacts state; ‘If the arsenal for defending human rights globally is made up of diverse swords and shields, one of the most effective – and controversial – is strategic humans rights litigation. Just for Kids law, a UK based […]

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Friday in Focus: Anne Lofaso

admin 29th June 2018

Anne Marie Lofaso, Arthur B. Hodges Professor of Law at West Virginia University College of Law, is a research associate for the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog.  Although Professor Lofaso has been writing for OxHRBlog since 2015, she became involved with the blog in her current capacity in January 2016, when she was a Senior […]

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Latest Publications from the OxHRH Team and Associates

admin 28th June 2018

The OxHRH Publication Page is a dynamic teaching and research resource that showcases the latest human rights publications from our global network. The latest editions are: Shreya Atrey, ‘India: Indian Supreme Court and the Implementation of the UNCRPD’ in Anna Lawson and Lisa Waddington (eds) The UN CRPD in Practice: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Court […]

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Animated Films of UN Treaty Body Rights

admin 26th June 2018

In October 2017, Wired Video began work on a project for the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights for launch in Spring 2018. Although people have a vague idea that they have human rights, they seemed ignorant of the role of the Human Rights Treaties and Treaty Bodies that oblige governments to respect […]

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