International Women’s Day 2017

admin 8th March 2017

For International Women’s Day 2017, the Oxford Law Faculty asked academics and DPhil candidates: what remains to be done for women’s rights? Using their knowledge and experience as some of the leading legal scholars on family, gender, obstetric and human rights law in the world, they answered. Throughout the day a series of blogs will […]

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Comparative and International Education Society: Problematizing Inequality Conference

admin 7th March 2017

On March 7, OxHRH Deputy-Director Meghan Campbell alongside Tanvir Muntasim (Action Aid), Salima Namusobya (Initiative for Economic and Social Rights), Svlvian Aubrey (Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) Delphine Dorsi  (Right to Education Project), and Suzanne Grant Lewis (UNESCO-IIEP) came together to discuss how the normative human rights framework and accountability mechanisms can […]

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